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It's a no no

Well ladies test done and it's negative, I can put my mind at rest now and concentrate on my treatment. For a day I really thought I could the one in a million but it wasn't supposed to be. I'm a bit sad especially because over the weekend my sister told me that she's pregnant and when I asked how far gone sge told me almost 9 weeks and juat know she found the courage to tell me because she knows how hard it as been for this all journey, I confessed I was a bit disappointed but I didn't show her that because I know that sometimes she blames herself for my problem(and she shouldn't because it's my body problem no one else)

Well now I just have to be strong because I'm going on holidays and I will see her but really hope that she doesn't have a belly yet because sometimes that's the most hard part and of course my family always asking me when I will start the ivf.

Thank you to all the ladies that took one moment to give some hope its nice to come here and to have a word to those who really understand what we are going through

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Sorry hon. Know the feeling all too well x


Thank you


Hi! I can understand your feeling. Be strong!

I was diagnosed with endo and even after my surgery I was told that there are really low chances to get pregnant. We were seeing lots of couples with kids all over the city; I was thinking at those moments that my life is so full of suffering. It was really hard to contemplate their happiness. But I still wish them well as I and my husband are searching for a surrogacy option. Now as I went through all of the emotions women like us can have, I will recommend you to believe in your happiness. Everything will be grat, I know! I always like to read success stories on the forums. That helps me to think that one day I am going to be one of them - a mother. xx


Awww thank you I really don't want to give up we are going to try to start the treatment in October I'm going to do egg sharing so at least while I'm doing my IVF I can help someone who doesn't have eggs to also be a mom. I already went to the first consultation to fill all the papers but even that I can be refused if my results don't came back how they want but I'm going to think about that when the time comes for now I'm just trying to eat healthy taking pregnancy tablets and be happy


Ah it was my OTD today too, also negative. 2 of my best friends are pregnant too 7 months and 4 months. It's so hard isn't it.

Good luck to you for the future. Xxx


Ohhh I'm so sorry for you I think that must be the worst after all the pills, injections and the wait we still don't get the final wish to came true...it's so hard and sometimes they don't understand why we can't share the happiness with them.

Thank you for your words and don't give up


I'm so sorry your last test was negative.... Really hoped it would be good news after the faint positive one! It's so hard when you have your hopes dashed like this.

I've had 4 chemical pregnancies, so seen a few faint positives and had the initial shock of happiness, just to have it taken away again a few days later when either bloods confirmed my hcg was too low or falling, tests would turn negative and my period would then show up.

I'm currently waiting to start a new IVF cycle, but having not long had an operation, I've still a couple of months to wait, probably cycle around October too.

I really hope your IVF cycle is successful. It is an amazing thing you are planning to do with sharing your eggs Hun. X

I know although you will be so happy for your sister, it will still be very difficult as you can not stop the feelings you have about your own situation, they do overwhelm sometimes and extra hard when someone close is experiencing a pregnancy, which is what you want to experience for yourself. I really struggled when my best friend was pregnant, especially as I had a chemical pregnancy around the same time she became pregnant (her first month of trying as well)

Hugs to you. Yes, focus on healthy eating, lots of relaxation and doing lots of nice things whilst waiting to cycle Hun. X


Thank you for your words. I want to do egg sharing but still don't know if I will be accepted it depend on the results of all the tests that I have to do but at least I want to try it.

Had a bad new yesterday my sister lost the baby she went to hospital because she was feeling some pains and after the scan she discovered that the baby was dead about a week ago I was devastated although I was socked when she told me I was happy for her I was going to be an auntie again and now everything is shattered and she couldn't even tell me it was a friend a told me.

I hope your cycle works next time we deserve to be a mom it's not fair when so many of us want and can't and others who don't want and don't deserve it keep having them.


Oh I'm so sorry about your Sister Hun, she must be devastated and I know you will be so sad for her loss too...I'm sure you will be there to offer comfort and support. Sounds like you both need love and support at the moment.

Yes, life can be unfair and infertility is so incredibly hard as you don't know if you will ever over once it.

Good luck with your cycle too... I hope you can do egg sharing like you want to. Xx


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