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Dreading my scratch today 😱

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So we are about to embark on the transfer of our one and only Frostie following 3 previous failed attempts at IVF.

I have my scratch today and I'm absolutely dreading it. I think it's because I didn't know what to expect last time so just rocked up and it happened. Now I know how painful it is its causing me anxiety. I'm dreading it.

I'm really anxious and emotional at the moment as I'm so over this whole thing and just feel like we are running out of options.

Sending you all lots of love and hugs on your journies xx

13 Replies

Hi Hannah

Hope your scratch goes ok. I am going for mine next Thursday and they have just told me to take paracetamol and ibuprofen an hour before the appointment but I've read lots about the scratch, some find it really painful, others not so much. Let me know how you get on?

We are also starting fet with our one and only frozen embryo and I'm already dreaming and worrying about the defrosting side of things.

We just have to put lots of faith and trust into all of the doctors / nurses / embryologists and just hope that all goes to plan.

We've had one failed fresh transfer and now starting our fet.

Just wanted to wish you luck and try not to worry, it's all for the greater good I guess x

Holly xx

Thank you Holly, yes I took the same, I had my Aquascan and the scratch. Even with the pain relief it's wasn't pleasant but it was quick so over and done with now.

Everything looked OK and he's happy I can start my treatment on the 20th as planned.

Good luck with your Scratch next week Hun, I'll be thinking of you xx

Hi Hannah

Glad it went ok πŸ˜„

That's great that you can get started on the 20th...

I'll let you know how I get on

Holly xx

Hi Hannh143. I do hope that the "scratch" has gone/goes well today and you managed to get some suitable sedation beforehand. Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks Diane, I took paracetamol and ibroprofen. Feeling a bit sore but ok. He said we are good to start our treatment on the 20th xx

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Hannah143

Hi Hannah143. Well done! Not too long to wait before you can get started properly. Have a nice restful weekend. Diane

Hi Hannah, I hope today runs smoothly for you. Scratches are horrible but all done at dusted in less than 30seconds and I hope this all helps to getting you your BFP xx

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Hannah143 in reply to baby2016

Thank you baby2016, yes it did, it was painful but quick. Thank you for your kind wishes, I had one last time and it didn't work so feeling a bit meh 😬 about it all really. Really glad today is over and I'm ready to start my treatment on the 20th. Xxx

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baby2016 in reply to Hannah143

Least that hurdles over! Onwards and upwards now 😊 i had one in jan when I was tested for nk cells, will hopefully be having our only FET in sept. Good luck xx

Goodluck & stay strong. Hopefully, it will go well this time xoxo

I'm glad it was ok. I really hope you have success with your FET.

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Hannah143 in reply to pm27

Thank you sweetheart, it's such a tough and long journey, sending you back hugs xx

Hiya how are you feeling after the scratch? Yes it is not a nice experience but a few minutes of pain - worth it. Keep that positivity going. You well get through it. I somehow think it is easy when you have not experienced these things before - as you do not really know what to expect.

Keep that chin up.

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