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1st round IVF - SCRATCH procedure


I'm 32 years old and myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for just over 4 years. We are going to start our ivf treatment in a couple of weeks.

I wondered if anyone has had the SCRATCH procedure done as I'm due to have that the day before I start my injections on day 21.

I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to go through ivf but I'm literally petrified. I think it's the unknown and the thought of it all. I just find myself getting really upset.

I just wondered if anyone can tell me

If they have had this procedure done an just try an put my mind at ease.


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I had it done, it wasn't too painful and just sort of seemed like another procedure in a long line of procedures! My ICSI IVF round was successful and I now have twin girls. I got very upset before our IVF started, it was very overwhelming and even though I was grateful for the chance to have IVF and for the existence of the science to help me have a baby, I couldn't quite believe it had actually come down to IVF- in the back of my mind I thought it would eventually happen without help and it was a shock to reach that point. If you have access to a counsellor I would definitely recommend having a chat with one just to help you organise your thoughts- I did and it really helped. Good luck for your scratch and subsequent cycle 😊.


Thank you so much for replying that's been really helpful!

I feel exactly the same, I was sure that eventually it would happen on its own for us but nearly 4 and half years and nothing.

I just want to be excited and not scared of it all!!!

We do have a counsellor which I will be in contact with, the nurses have advised it.

That's amazing you have twin girls and all was successful! Hearing positive stories like yours really helps.

I start my injections on the 19th January so hopefully all will go well. I hate needles but my husband is going to do them for me!

Thank you for replying it's been really helpful


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I'm also a needlephobic but they're not too bad- and if it does work then you'll be having a lot more blood tests over the next 9 months so probably best to get used to it!!!


Yes that's what I thought! Best to get used to it now!! did u find tummy or thigh better? Someone said they feel like bee stings? 🐝


I did mine in my stomach as that was where the nurse showed me how to do it. There are videos on YouTube that are helpful to watch, especially as it's a lot to take in.


I sort of had a sense of pride after each time I did one, it felt like I was doing something positive and that over rode everything else. 😊

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That's really helpful thank you! Yes exactly it's like another positive step towards the end result!

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Hi I have had the procedure done twice.

OK I am not going to lie it is not the nicest of things to have done but it is over very quickly. You will get cramping when the catheter enters a certain part and the person doing the procedure should let you know. It lasts a short period of time. Breath and count. You should also be told to take pain relief 1 to 2 hours before the procedure so make sure you take it.

I drove myself to have the procedure done both times and once the cramping stops you will be fine. Honestly it is short discomfort.

You might get a bit of spotting so I would take a small pad with you also.

Regarding injections. It is a bit scary to start with but you will be ok. Your strength of personality really kicks in. I found it easier to do it in isolation away from hubby etc. Breathe slowly and deeply and concentrate on your breathing. I was totally petrified of needles and had a massive massive phobia. I am pleased to say I do not anymore. Just think of it as only a few days. Tick them off and have a little reward afterwards. You are better to deliver the injection slowly and not ram it in. If you do get bruising then some people put an ice cube on the site beforehand. The first time you do it will be the worst and then you will know what to expect.

Good luck on your journey. I hope you will keep us posted.


Thank you so much for replying, I'm finding this group/forum really helpful! I will take all the advice on board, I'm really hoping this will help me loose my phobia of needles too! I most certainly will keep everyone posted on our IVF journey and share my experiences with others too!

I have felt really quite lonely leading up to this and somehow came along this last night!!

I'm really grateful you took the time to reply to me so thank you


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Your more then welcome.

I totally know what you mean feeling isolated etc. I went through 6 rounds before finding this forum. In fact the consultant recommended it and I thought yeah yeah. But there is some great advice. You do not feel like you are on your own even though everyones experiences are different. It actually some how makes you feel better and to take courage from others that are doing this hard journey.

I wish I had known about it earlier.

There is also a time when you need to step away from the forum a bit depending on where you are on the journey etc. So don't be afraid to do that also .

Wishing you all the best.

When do you plan to start your treatment?


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Yes it's really helpful hearing from people that have already felt the emotions and been through the procedures etc because a lot of it is the unknown and sometimes just hearing someone else's story Just reassures you!

I personally have found it really helpful and I only posted last night!

Thank you so much!

I'm having the scratch on the 18th Jan and start the first lot of injections on 19th Jan, so I know we haven't started yet but it's only 2 weeks away.

Only got the appointment yesterday so course my husband and our parents are really excited but I actually just wanted to cry all day. That I'm turn made me feel really bad as I'm so grateful for the opportunity I'm just scared, so thought i would look to see if there was another forum I could join to see if it's just me that feels this way!

I just want to be as excited as everyone else is for us!

Have you finished all your ivf treatment now?



Don't be scared to tell people to back off and give you and your husband privacy when you're waiting for pregnancy test results- a few people knew we were doing IVF and they can all count so knew roughly what day we should find out our results on. I got a lot of well meaning messages and calls around test day but to be honest I just wanted to ignore everyone apart from my husband.

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Yes that makes sense actually, everyone means well but sometimes it can be too much.


Hi diamondream, I hope you don't mind me responding to this post. I am currently waiting on a positive ovulation test to book our endo scratch. I am starting down reg (buserelin) 28th March. Did you have yours done before your down reg phase too? TIA xx


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