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Hi ladies, well I'm back and as the title says I had an endometrial scratch today so hoping this helps to improve our chances. 5failed transfers, then one chemical pregnancy at Xmas so 6fails behind us. We have two embryos left frozen so hoping for the best. Scratch wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I was very woozy on gas & air and was over before I knew it just a few crampy pains. Has anybody any positive stories of pregnancy after having endo scratch? Hope your all well, il be starting oestrogen tablets next week and hopefully have a FET in around 4wks time eek! :) Xx 

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  • Hi Flossy just dropping in to wish you good luck, hope it goes well xx We're going for our first round ivf in August and hoping to have the scratch too I also have endo having surgery next month to remove. I've heard lots of ladies have success with it and the glue xx

  • Hi thanku :) good luck on your journey fingers crossed its first time lucky for you. My clinic use embryo glue as standard, had all number of tests as to why not implanting but all inconclusive, hopefully the scratch will alter the conditions in my uterus for the better. Definately worth a try from what I'm hearing xx 

  • I had this last week too so hoping for positive results over the coming months. Articles I've read have have given this a really good review.

    Good luck to you xx

  • Ooo that's great, fingers crossed for us both. I don't think iv came across anything negative about it so far so certainly worth a try if it increases chances of ivf working. Good luck xx 

  • Good luck Flossy! I've heard great things about the scratch, a friend is thinking about it but has heard mixed messages on timings. When do you have it done in the cycle?

    Sending you loads of positive thoughts, I'm planning to go again soon and it takes real strength and grit xx

  • Hi Thankyou :) You have it done on day21 of your cycle the month before transfer. It does take a lot of determination to get this far, us ladies will do anything for a positive ending. Good luck for your next try hun fingers crossed for you xxx 

  • I had 9 failed transfers before my scratching & 10th FET transfer of 2 average embroyos. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant (just one). Hope it all works as well for you as it did for me. 

  • Oh wow! This is exactly the hope I was looking for, Thankyou so much for replying and HUGE congratulations! 😃 wishing you all the luck in the world for a smooth sailing pregnancy. I feel much more optimistic now, will keep you updated. Amazing xxx 

  • Stay positive and optimistic.

  • Yay. I am very similar story to you sadly. 5 x Transfers. 2 x Chem Preg from them. So away to do endo scratch in May & then stimulation (none in freezer) ready for my 6th transfer. Can I ask....are you going to have 1 x bleed now before transfer? I do hope this helps us both. xxx

  • We are very similar, it's so tough isn't it. The only thing that has kept me going is concentrating on what the end result could be if it works. The endo scratch certainly sounds hopeful and all research suggests it increases ivf success, right about now I'd stand on my head all day if I thought it'd help lol. Good luck with the scratch too, hope the stimulation goes well iv certainly not missed that part. Had scratch done on day 21 of cycle, when my period starts on day 28ish I have to start 3x climaval a day and ring to book in for a scan in 2week, once my lining thick enough will be popping our last 2 embryos in if both survive thaw ok. Good luck hun xx 

  • Fingers firmly crossed for you. I've just been told that I'm to have this too- just awaiting for an appointment xx

  • Thankyou :) fingers crossed for you too. Hope it all goes well xx 

  • I had the scratch and I'm nearly 27 weeks pregnant. You dealt with it better than me; I screamed the place down 😂 Good luck with your FET xxx

  • Thanku and Congratulations that's amazing :) hope your pregnancy is going well? Haha my coping methods maybe had something to do with the amout of gas & air id had before theyd even started lol. I was totally away with the fairies and giggly 😂. Xx 

  • Hi flossy 85 I had an endometrial scratch a couple of wks before my ivf with donor egg  at 7 days post X1 5 day transfer and I found out on Tuesday I'm 2 wks pregnant 😀 My beta level is 67 my consultant is happy for me to not have another blood test just go straight to having a scan on 11th of May. I've had 3 unsuccessful iui's and to failed ivfs using my own eggs. I'm not sure why it has work this time but it could be the endometrial scratch or the donor egg or both. I just 🙏 Everything stays ok I have had a slight dark brown mucus for about 5 days a little tiny bit more last couple of days but this should be when I'm on my period so I think it's sort of normal. Hope this helps x

  • Hi Flossy, I'm a firm believer that the scratch can help. I had it before my second cycle (which failed miserably and was converted to IUI). I'm now 11 weeks. Best of luck! 🍀 x

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