Cramping after embryo transfer - is this normal?

Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me if cramping after ET is normal? I had my transfer on Thursday, felt fine, felt fine on Friday too but woke up in the middle of last night with agonising cramps in my uterus. They eventually dissipated and I managed to get back to sleep and feel fine again now but it has worried me a bit because as far as I know, it's a bit early for implantation cramps. I'm taking utrogestan three times a day and wondered if that might be something to do with it? Sorry if I'm thinking too much about everything - I know it could just be one of those things but I wasn't expecting it and feel a bit rattled! Thank you in advance :-) xx

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  • Hiya hun, I got cramps after all my 4 et's they only happened a few times and weren't to sore think everyones body reacts differently tho try not to worry (ino easily said than done right) wishing u all the luck with u 2ww sending baby dust 💖

  • Ah, thank you Lynsey! Xx

  • Hi Hadders2016. Most probably just due to the tugging that goes on during embryo transfer. Your womb is suspended by some pretty strong ligaments, and if they get pulled it can be quite uncomfortable while they settle back down again. Should be nothing to worry about. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane, that makes a lot of sense :-)

  • Hi Hadders - hope you're feeling better today and the cramps have worn off. The meds can make them worse I think. Try to drink as much water as possible to keep you hydrated, that might help ease them x x x

  • Hey, thank you, that's so thoughtful of you to ask :-) Am much better today thanks, and drinking water as though it's going out of fashion! Thank you again for being so lovely xxx

  • Hi, dear!

    I have refrained from adding our story till now, but ..

    We wanted to get past the 12 week scan first before we shared our story. But wanted to share our journey to give some confidence to all those people who worry themselves silly about IVF. The reason being is that in our case I can only share the advice that if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen and no matter how much rest or anything that you do has any influence on whether IVF works or not. If the embryo is going to grow it will find its own way and we are living proof of this.

    I will give a brief summary of our story. We had our 2nd ET weeks ago.

    So we just got on with our lives ,which includes 2 mile walks, gardening, etc. I actually had a heavy bleed 2+ weeks after the ET so we presumed we’d lost it. Stomach cramps and other pains…

    Then we had the surprise of our lives when we took what we thought was a pointless test, but this turned out to be positive! The bleeding turned out to be a bit of lining round the egg sac and nothing to worry about.

    Proof indeed that you actually don’t need to change your lifestyle, if the little embryo wants to grow, IT WILL. We have no overriding power where nature is concerned.

    We are now just over 10 weeks gone :) From what I’ve experienced cramping is just the penetrating stage.. So you shouldn’t worry about it that much definitely – it happens quite often and it’s absolutely natural!

    Good luck to all of you going forward X :)

  • Hello! Thank you so much Marmo, that's really comforting and sensible and very wise advice! Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy and thank you again x x x

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