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10 days post Embryo Transfer


Hello, I'm 10 days post Embryo Transfer from my first ever cycle of IVF and ICSI. I'm a bit nervous as I'm testing on Sunday.

Not really having any symptoms, no spotting, just the usual bloated tummy from my ovaries, a few twinges and cramps, sore boobs etc but that could be side effects from the pesseries I'm taking .

Any words of wisdom from anyone who's been in this situation. I really want this first cycle to workbut only time will tell. We have 5 frozen embryos so we still have hope xx

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hi, good luck for test day! It's awful waiting isn't it! I tested a day early on day 8p5dt and got a BFP on my first ICSI IVF cycle. Fingers crossed but it can work first time. Hope you get some good news xx

Yeah I had a 5 day transfer too. Honestly my mood is terrible, I'm so emotional and just genuinely low and it's frustrating. It's nice to know your cycle worked first time. May I ask what your issues are?? Mine is blocked tube and hubbys sperm count is low xx

it will get easier and what you're feeling is normal. We have unexplained fertility. I've had 2 miscarriages so I know I can get pregnant and OH's sperm is fine. Third time lucky!xx

Fingers crossed 3rd times a charm. Just wish there was a crystal ball that tells us these things 😂

All the best for Sunday, it's such a worrying time, all that waiting feels like forever. Not that much longer to wait now, you're doing great ☺️ x

Thank you xxx

Sending all best wishes for Sunday. Fingers crossed for you xx

Thank you very much xx

hey got ur BP

Hi Lynsey,

Mine was similar.. I had no symptoms at all apart from cramps on day 4 of my transfer. Nothing else at all other than that. Just try to keep yourself busy and relax. I took it very easy in my 2ww, but like you I was frustrated, I just wanted to know. I guess all women go through this on their 2ww, so you're not the only one. Keep positive and eat healthy x

Thank you, I get to test tomorrow morning so I'm a bit on edge today but hopefully everything will turn out okay xxx

I'm 10 days post 3 day 8 cell transfer & got negative test. Try again Friday. Not hopeful

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