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severe cramping on second day after 3 day embryo transfer

I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? woke up at 12.30 am this morning in absolute agony with cramps and back pain and am not one to make a fuss of pain. Paracetamol didn't really help much although pain was less at 5am when I got up. Only had 3 day embryos transferred on sunday so wouldn't be implantation pain already. Now the pain is completely gone.

I'm just starting to feel really down now about it - know I should stay positive but it is so hard today now

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Cramping is really normal in 2ww. On my previous 5 day transfer my cramping began even before the embryo was transferred due to side effects of the progesterone pessaries I was on! This 2ww wait is so hard and it is so easy to read meaning into things. Just stay positive and stay distracted xx


Thank you - I guess also pain can be good sign. but like you said best not to read too much into things. Take care xxx


I was super uncomfortable and in pain for about 5-6 days after collection/ transfer. It will ease, but call your clinic for reassurance.x


Hi Rivershark, I had lots of cramping but I didn't even need painkillers.

Are you drinking lots of water? You need to drink at least 2.5 to 3 litres per day. I really made sure I did this. There's lots of drugs still in your system...

It does get better as the days go on but you should ring the clinic if it gets worse as paracetamol should ease the pain.


Thank you. Yes drinking lots of fluids. I spoke with a nurse at the clinic and she wasn't concerned - it was just me that was concerned as the pain was more severe than ever.

Thanks for your help xxx


Hello, rivershark! try to stay calm, it's not always a bad sign, as I was told after ET. I had cramps on day 2 and 3 after ET, but now I feel good. take care of yourself honey! And don't read about possible negative results, only positive thinking. Sticky vibes and hugs! x


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