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when should AF arrive after failed cycle?

Hi Ladies

I hope you are all OK.

After my period starting on the 25th May (one day earlier than my blood test) I am now waiting for my next one to start so that we can proceed with our one and only FET.

Just a quick question, I am always regular and start on the 15th of every month but as I had a bleed on the 25th for about 3 days I am now not sure when it should arrive... I expected it last week on the 15th but if I am a regular 4 week cycle then I guess it should be this week?

I have to call ACU when it arrives to arrange a day 21 appointment but I am now panicking thinking it will not arrive?



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I am sure it will come, all the drugs and treatment can sometimes mess your cycle up X


Hi Button

Thank you - its so hard - its just more waiting when we just want to get on with it!!!

I hope it turns up soon. I keep dreaming that they got the test wrong and that I am pregnant then waking up very depressed.... :(

Hope you are ok :)



I often think that 'what if I am that one in million they got it wrong' but just wishing thinking I guess.

AF is a pain when you don't want it, it turns up then when you actually want it, it doesn't show.

Got everything crossed for you xxx


Hi Button

Thank you - I know, when we don't want it it comes, then when we do it doesn't!

How are you holding up? xx


Feeling ok now thanks, just on count down to go on holiday. I have started DHEA again today going to take that for 12weeks then have one last go with my own eggs. Fingers crossed its 3rd time lucky X


Have a lovely holiday (you deserve a break), we just had a week away with the dogs and the fresh air did us both the world of good.

Enjoy yourself and let your hair down before it all starts again :)

Holly xx


Sorry Button,

I have just seen your other post.

The DHEA sounds interesting - we had our follow up appointment 2 weeks ago and I was so disappointed with the consultant that we saw, he basically said it was all my fault, my age, my eggs etc, etc. I was sat crying that afternoon when we got home. I called them the following day and tomorrow I am back to meet with our original consultant with a long list of questions.

We have our frostie on ice and they are wanting us to proceed with the FET but he was so negative about egg quality and embryo quality - even though we only had 5 eggs, 3 of them fertilised (with sperm that was surgically retrieved after a vasectomy 18 years ago) and 3 made it to blast - we had one put back and one frozen, I thought that those were good odds but he soon put paid to that.

So tomorrow I am going to see about another cycle and appealing against funding as we were told we wouldn't get it but I am going to try to fight it if we can.

So glad you are trying again... :)

Holly xx


They told us before we even had treatment to use DE but we insisted we wanted to try with my eggs, same again after first failed cycle then on the 2nd we had the chemical pregnancy so I just want one more go just incase it's the one as I have technically been pregnant. Feel better as it will be a new clinic and fresh start. My follow up after first cycle was disappointing felt like I was wasting her time, she even answered her mobile twice and was only in there about 10mins so not even bothered this time.

Good for you appealing though anything is worth a try xxx


Its so frustrating isn't it - we are self funding and it is such a strain both emotionally and financially that life is in a permanent state of 'on hold' - the least I expected at the follow up was a plan of action or at least a 'well we have had the test run so now we know how you react' - we did even get that.

I have spent hours researching DE, its mad, we did not even think that we would get any sperm so all of the focus was on that, we never considered that 36 was too old and that my eggs were crap.

I am going in tomorrow and not leaving until I have my answers, I am a woman on a mission!!! Lol

You sound really positive which is good, we have to keep the faith and keep believing that our time will come I guess



I know what you mean about life on hold. Although I must be thankful we have our holiday to look forward to. I am only just 37 and know what you mean it's hard to accept that our eggs are past their best, but we must keep going.

Hope you get all your answers tomorrow, the consultant won't know what's hit them😂😂

Keep us updated and good luck xxx

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Thanks button

I will let you know 😄😄

Holly xx


Hi angeleee

Thank you, I'm so sorry for your loss too, it's just horrible and unless you've been through this roller coaster nightmare you don't really understand.

Thank you for the heads up re periods, we worked it out yesterday and it should be starting about the 25th June so I'm keeping everything crossed that it does. Thank you for the tip to monitor it I will do.

Holly x


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