Ivf cycle failed 😭

Hi everyone, while I am writing this i am on my 2ww but I know it' BFN as I already had my period. I feel .... I have not words to describe... It is really hard for me as this journey was long and painful and I was so optimistic and only hoped for the best ... It was not meant to be. I have pcos, and thyroid autoimune( got that removed) and both tubes blocked. This cycle was stressful for me, but i got 13 eggs, 10 fertilised, 3 got to day 5, blastocyst and i had one transferred, 2 frozen... Day 4 after ET i had my period :(((( really heartbroken. What went wrong? I have no idea... Do any of you know how long I need to wait before I can start again with frozen embryos?

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  • I'm so sorry-I know how heartbreaking this is as I had the same thing. I've had 4 rounds of IVF, 1 fresh and 3 FET. In regards to starting a FET I was told you have to have a proper period bleed first and then you could start on the next bleed-hope that makes sense. I did want to say still test on your test day as I bled in my 2ww that was quite heavy before test day and it was a bfp. I've since tested 10days after the bfp (I was told hcg would be out of my system then if miscarried) and it's still a bfp but Im not out of the woods yet as I'm having some spotting and on the same day as the test I had a bit of a bleed Which was very frightening-so I now have to wait until my scan date to see if all is really ok. I don't want to give false hope and I too am questioning everything but I wanted you to know that a bleed isn't necessarily game over. This whole process is one massive rollercoaster. The medication definitely does not help with the emotions that's for sure xxx

  • Thank you for the kind words and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I doubt that mine will be bfp as i have proper period with clots and not just a tiny bleed. They asked me to carry on with progesterone but what is the point? I dont have any cramps at all, I had for 2 days before my period started. So if I have a bleed now, when I have the next one I can start? Did the investigate the reason of the failed cycles for you? Which hospital are you with?xxx

  • I didn't have any cramps either and it was a proper bleed I had. It's gone to spotting now. I honestly thought it was game over for me-I even wrote on here about it. Myself and my husband were both in moods as we thought it was over. We are with a Southampton clinic. This current bleed doesn't count-well that's what I've been told in the past. I had to wait for a month completely off meds with a proper bleed and then use the next cycle. So a couple of months wait really-the waiting frustrates me so much but it needs doing to reset everything as I was told anyway. They never seem to know why it doesn't happen even if everything has gone to plan. It can be anything which again just makes you think that there has to be a reason so you can try and fix it. I have lots of things wrong anyway which were diagnosed through laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on numerous occasions so I think that goes against me. I know it's such an upsetting and worrying time-be kind to yourself, rest up and I would say do keep going with the meds-you just never know xxxx

  • Did you also test before the day the hospital advised youto? I did... Negative

  • No I just tested on the day I was told to x

  • How are you feeling? xx

  • I'm ok thanks-think spotting has subsided for the time being and have been feeling sick and generally run down but I'm fine. How are you doing? Xx

  • I am better, used to it, tomorrow is test day but I know the results. I am going back home to do additional testing, I have booked an appointment to a genetic centre. Better to do it know before trying again... The tests back home are way cheaper so I will so everything...

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi monicacozma. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. However, you will still have to go through testing on the correct test date, before you can move forward with this. Most clinics prefer you to have at least one clear period following a negative outcome, before embarking on a FET. I do have a couple of lists of questions you might like to have a look through, before you see your consultant again, just in case there are a couple you hadn't thought of asking. If you email me in confidence at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send them to you. Diane

  • Thank you so much Diane,

    I am emailing you now xx

  • i think for a few months.. this is very unfortunate but you just have to keep your head up and don't get upset, of course you may need some time to take a rest! don't overwork, have some free time!

    I am on my 4th round right now and I understand how hard it is to receive a negative but failure after a failure I had this mindset that I just need to go. I know some women who have been through 12 ivf rounds and they had their BFPs. so I think that I am going to continue on till I fall pregnant.

    now i went to the clinic that is located in a completely different country to mine. and choose it because of the price, I can't just throw away my money anymore. they have promised to provide us with free medicines and they did which is great, so I think that if I fail for this time I am going to have another attempt, it was really fortunate that they have numerous attempts ivf options because I am not one of those who just accept negative result anymore.

    good luck!!!

  • sorry to write it here but... what do you mean by saying that it was really fortunate that this clinic allows you to have more than 1 ivf attempt? don't all of the fertility centers do so?

  • it's not like it allows the clients to have more than 1 ivf round but the clinic has one contract that covers 5 if attempts all at once, like you are just paying one sum and then if your first att didn't work out, you are automatically transferred to the second one (of course with recovering time) without paying anything. I was talking about this. and to be clear they have also 2 att contract. i don't think that there are clinics that provide clients with similar offers.

  • oh i see, thank you for explaining, I am in the middle of a search for the clinic and it made me very curious because it is really different to that time I had an experience with the clinic that treated me poorly and charged me with a lot of money. :(

  • the main reason why I signed with this clinic is because they told me that the price of the contract is the only sum I am going to pay except for unexpected situations that also are stated in the contract. so it's not like you go there blindly but more like you know every single step you are going to do.

    that is sad.. that some clinic are like that...

  • really? just one stable sum? but you must be forgetting about the medicines and dr's appointments.. I spent so much money on it freaking ridiculous..

  • no i didn't forget about meds and appts, they all are included into the contract's price. so you do not pay for the appts or meds. at all.

  • what? how is that even possible? you want to say that those medications are included into the contract's price, right? and how about the cheapest contract over there, wherever your clinic is? i suppose that you pay for them but they increase the overall price of the contract

  • yes and it is possible because you are basically paying for the contract and the contract includes all of the services that you are going to be provided with in the future treatment

    yes in kind of increases the prices but not for too much

    the cheapest contract is like 5k euros if we are talking about ivf for example

  • hmmm fine

    and that is basically stated in the contract right??

    so i won't be charged of anything else than of what I am signing for?

    5k?? just 5k?? are you sure??

  • yes just 5 thousand but you should pay attention this is only for 1 attempt!! the other 2 ivf ones are for 2 and 5 attempts respectively. but they are a little bit more expensive understandably.

    yes, all of the possible expenses are also stated in the contract like fees for rules violation and all that stuff you know..

  • But do they really knclude in just 5 thousands all of the meds and stuff? This seems unbeleivable to me.

    Fine do they basically have different contracts and if so how do i know which one is the best for me. I suppose it is all up to me right?

  • yes, they include everything into those 5k!!!! and it is amazing, because i truly do not understand how they survive given the prices they set for their treatments.

    yes, it is all up to you! have you decided yet? have you seen the contratcs? they are on their website.

  • Which clinic is this please?

  • So sorry to hear about your failed Ivf. I feel you and all the other ladies so much... I never thought I will be so affected because I am normally very strong. Which clinic did you choose if you dont mind me asking? Did you test for nk cells, trombophilia, immune testing, etc?

  • Are you happy with the clinic in ukraine or havent been there yet?

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Xxx

  • thank you, good luck to you too with whatever happens in the future, i wish you the best with the next round of your fertility journey and maybe sometimes in the future we will share with each other great news of our ivfs. i am worried and nervous all at the same time but i believe in the better and given all of the success rates that my clinic has i am sure that they will find a way to make me pregnant haha

  • Hello Monicacozma! i'm so sorry you are now in this situation...unfortunately, i underatand you, I had 3 unsuccessful ivf cycles and every 2ww turned to be a nightmare, can't even imagine how i will go through the next one. when I was on my first try I tested before otd and saw negative res. i was devastated and so obsessed that i tested every day till 14th although i knew i had no chances. i'm not an expert but maybe there is a slightest chance for you that things could change, you know even pregnant can bleed ...maybe it will work on the date.

    I was told it takes around 3 month to make your organism fully recovered after the previous round so you can try again in March. I heard that FET could be even more efficient than fresh cycle..

    I hope everything gonna be okay with you. take care of yourself, keep my fingers crossed x

  • Thnk you so much ... Especially since you went through many more failed cycles than me.. Bless you! Have they investigated why did yours failed?

  • thank you Mon! I wish I knew what's the reason...the only one they named is age, I was 40 when I started. the first try was own egg ivf and i expected it may fail, i had no embryo of A quality among those 3 left on day 5. I was hoping that my DE ivf would work, but still no, again and again. I'm now preparing for my 4th, signed a contract and taking pills for endometrium stimulation. If this round is another failure... well, i will start looking for a surrogate mother.

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