1st round IVF, worried nasal spray not working?

Hi everyone,

I'm on my first cycle of IVF/ICSI.  I'm on day 10 of the nasal spray down reg drugs but haven't noticed any side effects whatsoever.  I am being told I am just lucky however can't help but feel worried that the drugs aren't working and having to start again??  Has anyone had this experience? I also started my 'withdrawal' bleed the exact day AF was due?? Is this also a sign drugs not working?  I feel like I am being so impatient but can't seem to stop counting down the days for each appointment!! Tara x

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  • Hi. You're doing fine, I'm sure. I only had headaches towards the end of my nose spray and I came on on my usual period day. 

    The nurse said to me .... As long as you are spraying it up your nose and not someone else's nose then you are doing it right ;-) 

    Keep going a d take care x

  • Thank you so much for your response lol it took me a few days to get used to how to spray.  It's good to hear I'm not the only one.  I guess I worried a bit because all the paperwork and blogs etc talk about side effects and how they are good sign the drugs are working.  But I guess everyone responds differently.  Thank you :) x

  • Hi! I didn't have the nasal spray but the injections but it was only after about 12 days I got any side effects (headaches and crazy emotional mood swings). My bleed also started on the day of my period so I think it sounds like everything is going along well!

    It's so hard not to worry so please ask as many questions as you want as this site is wonderful for helping each other though this madness!! Take care xxxxx

  • You are very brave to have the daily injections as that is a long time to take injections, well done!!  It's good to hear someone else experiencing similar response to the drugs.  It is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, I find myself thinking and talking about IVF all the time.  I am probably driving my poor fiancé crazy lol luckily he is really supportive but nothing can make the time go faster lol xx

  • It does totally consume you no matter how hard you try not to let it! Our other halves are so good but I think they probably get a bit fed up of us talking linings, twinges and meds! Always happy to chat! Take care xxx

  • Hi Tara

    I am now on day 12 of injections and not feeling anything / any different! Although I have got sore boobs and have had for 6/7 days now. My period is due to start today (fingers crossed) and we are back on the 21st to hopefully start next injections.

    I was really worried that they were not working... Diane said everyone responds differently and not to worry!

    I'd read such horrible experiences online I was expecting everything!!! Mood swings , tears, bloating....  But nothing!!

    Hope that helps put your mind at ease 😄


  • Thanks Holly, yes it definitely puts my mind at ease.  Well done you for coping so well with the injections!! I really hope it goes well for your cycle.  I guess we may be around the same time? X

  • Hi Tara 

    Yes we may well be :)

    I was so worried about the injections but these have not been too bad in all fairness, I think the next lot are a bit more scary!

    I am hoping AF arrives when she should then by next Thursday hoping we can start on the stimms.

    I hope your cycle all goes well - this is also our first time - we have sperm in the freezer as we had to have the surgical sperm retrieval op (that was in March and we were delighted that they managed to get some as my DH had a vasectomy 20 years ago) so it is all very exciting and I honestly can say I so know what you mean......my poor husband gets home from work and its injections this and IVF / ICSI this, and so on!!!!

    All the very best and keep us posted :)

    Holly x

  • Will definitely keep posted and all the best for your next appointment and the next phase! ;) x

  • Hi Tara

    You too :)


  • Hi think everyone's different . I had awful symptoms when on nasal spray and was so glad to be off it . I too did wonder if I was doing it right but to be honest you can't really get it wrong. 

    Good luck - have a look on you tube - is it suprecur your using ? X

  • Yeah I think it is suprecur I am using.  Awful taste!! I've got another week and a half left on it so will see how it goes.  Definitely getting used to it more now.  Just eager to move onto the next phase!! X

  • Hi, Tara! Everyone IS impatient in this big ivf deal!! And you're doing absolutely well talking to people about your worries. This possibly may put some of the thoughts at ease. Judging from what you've said I don't thinks the meds aren't working. I'm sure you're among those lucky ladies having the process smooth. Facing any of the side effects of meds isn't the necessary sign for showing their work. I read quite often women feel just well with them. As for the nasal spray its affects aren't dramatic. Smoothly going in the majority of cases. So, hun, I don't see the clear reason you have to worry. Take needed time patiently, see your doc. He'll say you're exaggerating, you'll laugh and feel much better - lol.

    I'm a complete worrier myself. Take every single fact too close to my heart. So such heart-to-heart talks help me greatly. I believe the same is for you. Wish you all the luck in the world with your treatment, hun. Take care x

  • Thank you Mel for your kind words and tips.  I am def a worrier and over thinker.  I have to try and keep myself occupied to save myself wishing time away to get to the next hurdle lol.  It is def a roller coaster, a mixture of feeling blessed and frustrated lol.  Thank you again and I will keep going strong! Wish u all the best too x 

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