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Nasal spray not worked for down reg!


So I've just wasted my time from June until now on the nasal spray for down reg.

It's not worked to down reg me and so I have to abandon it now await next period and then wait on day 21 all over again and this time use the injections!

Not only that but I'm left with 3cm sized ruptured follicle that's bleeding in on itself and causing me some pain too thanks to this process.

I appreciate I'm lucky to have one round of funded IVF etc etc and some course of action and all the usual... and I know some people have it far worse than me... but speaking for me this is just really shit and drags out something I was looking forward to getting over and done and move on from whatever the result! Now I'm looking at another 2-3 months of this and not to mention the stress and drugs I've already had pumped through me and all the risks that come with that.

Pissed off again and just my luck that everything has to be the hardest route it possibly can be for me on everything I do! #musthavebeenevilinanotherlife

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I'm so sorry Rach. That sucks.

Interestingly when at my clinic the other day, the nurse said they only ever seem to have issues with patients down regulating when doing the nasal spray.

The time will fly and before you know it you will be starting again. I felt like it was all going wrong for me after a negative result first time and then cancelled second go (for the same reason as you) but now we are flying through our third, so you will get there.

Wishing you lots of luck for the future and try not to get down about it. Xx

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Thanks that's very encouraging. Yes my nurse said today if someone doesn't down regulate they are always the ones on the nasal spray... i know it's worked for some but I think the majority it's a waste of time...

Good on you keeping going im struggling to want to carry on with this one!

Hey Rach

I'm sorry to read this! I was thinking of you today and hoping you would get some good news. Be kind to yourself. Sending big hugs n hope the next few weeks fly for you xx

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Yeah it's shit and I think the final kick I need to knock IVF on the head I just don't think this is for me. Ever was back when I went to the GP IVF was a step too far and whilst I never do believe in fate I'm thinking maybe it failing now is a sign that I stick to me guns and don't do IVF

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Aww hun unfortunately that's a decision that only you can make. I do completely get where you are coming from though. It's so disheartening! Have a bit of time, be kind to yourself, spend some quality time with your OH and then hopefully you can work out what's best for you xx

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