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Advice post icsi periods please?

Hi everyone so after a failed icsi cycle at the end of March my periods are really concerning me. After finding out icsi failed I stopped taking drugs and immediately started a heavy period. It was then only 26 days till my next one which is really unusual for me as I normally have a 30-32 day cycle. Since then it is now been 48 days since my last period and no sign of it to come. I havee got a negative pregnancy test (as expected really) but I just hope something else isn't wrong? Anyone else experience anything similar?

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After a failed cycle my periods would come at any time. I used to be every 28 days before it. It never went back to 'normal' before the next cycle which was about 6 months later. It was never over 40 days though. If you're worried or period still doesn't arrive soon then speak to your GP or the clinic. x


My cycle took about 4 months to get back to normal after my first failed ICSI. Long cycle, then a short heavy one, then a light one that stopped and started. I did find acupuncture helped and I was careful with my diet and it slowly returned to normal. I was also told not to go overboard with exercise (I just walked a lot).

I hope it returns to normal for you soon. Take care of yourself X


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