Losing hope

I'm really starting to lose hope and hoping you can help me. I had a FET a week ago today and it was a 5 day blasto. I did a pregnancy test on Friday at 5 dpt and got a BFN. I know that is really early but it's killed the hope I had of this being successful and now I can't stop thinking the worse and it's driving me barmy. My blood test is on Tuesday so only a couple of days to go now. Did anyone else get a BFN like me and then go on a few days later to get a BFP? Everyone keeps telling me to be positive and I really want to be but just feel like I need to prepare myself now. 😢

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  • That's way too early to test as it would be equivalent to 24 days pregnant if it were a normal cycle. (You add 14 days to figure out how many weeks/days you're actually pregnant) Pregnancy tests won't pick anything up until approx 28-30 days (9-11dp 5dt) and even then the hormone might not be strong enough. Wait at least 4 more days for a home test - but by then you'll have your answer from the blood test anyway. Take no notice of this test you have done, it's far too early! Stay positive, you're not out yet!!

  • Thanks so much, you've made me feel a lot better, fingers are still crossed! X

  • Even the time of day you test has an impact, you have to test early in the morning. Honestly, testing early should be banned 😊 Good luck for Tuesday!

  • Hi Helena16. I agree with Tlove, who has explained perfectly. Thinking of you for tomorrow. Diane

  • Thanks Diane X

  • Thanks x

  • Lock the HPTs away until Tuesday. They give us OTDs for a reason. I know some ladies test early but try to hold out, you may still get a BFP.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks x

  • Hope you are feeling better today Helena - one more day to go! Keep smiling, stay positive, the end is in sight!! I got BFN before my BFPs so try not to overthink it too much :) x x x

  • Thanks xx

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