BFN 12dpt and symptoms

Evening ladies. Great seeing some good news on her last few days. It's kept me positive at a difficult time.

So I tested when my period was late and a BFN (due to test tomorrow). I have period pains, sore boobs and a clear discharge and still no sign of period. I've stopped injections and tablets because they were making me ill. Stopped them Friday when I took test (period was due Thursday). Has anyone had these symptoms and had a BFN? I'm really trying to come to terms with everything but these symptoms are weighing me down. It's like a false hope xxxx

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  • So sorry your feeling like this it's hard enough dealing with what we are going through let alone this added pressure. I haven't had a FET but both my rounds of treatment were totally different when I thought it had failed it worked and when I thought it had worked it failed... so confusing. I wouldn't of stopped any treatment untill ur official test date has been because many people have false negatives even the day before otd ... when is your otd ? X

  • Hi daydreamer89. Thanks for your reply. My test day is tomorrow. I tested yesterday aswell and another BFN. I only take lubion injections and progynova tabs as a precaution. I'm lucky my lining is lovely and thick without treatment. We just need help as no tubes due to eptopic pregnancy years ago. I had FET on 31st Oct so it should definitely show by now shouldn't it? Thing is some of the ladies here test from day of EC mine was 14 days from tfr. Did you ever test early?xxx

  • It's sucks doesn't it. Don't give up hope yet wait untill tomorrow lovely. Yes I tested early on both 1st round was negatives all along and 2nd round was negative untill I think about 8dp 5dt when it was positive but I have known people to test negative and it be positive on otd don't want to get your hopes up but hang on in there u still got 1 more day hun. Fingers will be crossed tightly for you both x

  • Hi huni how have you got on? Xx

  • I had my period this morning 😭 xxxxx

  • Keep strong Hun doesnt mean it won't happen next time xx rest up chick x

  • So sorry to hear that. Rest up x

  • I'm sorry hun xxx

  • Thanks ladies, if I can give you any advice at all its don't look for symptoms. I had them all and It come of nothing. I wish you all the very best in your journeys. I know how hard it is but please try and keep positive, it's the only thing we can control and it's the only thing that will keep me going xxxx

  • I m so sorry to know that you are in this difficult situation...I ws praying to god fr ur positive result but he didn't listen...stay strong n don't give up...sending you hugs...

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