Endo/fertility options advice needed

I would really appreciate some advice I feel very confused and don't know what to do!? I had a lap end of November and removal of endometrioma from my right ovary and endo from my uterus. I was discharged on the same day as my op . We have been TTC for 2yrs 9months now and I was hoping that after the lap I might have a shot (a better one?!) of conceiving but alas not so lucky instead the pain came back with the exhaustion etc. So gp sent me for a scan. Scan shows 2cm cyst in right ovary and left ovary and right ovary together with follicles on left ovary. Gp has suggested 3 options go back to bgce endo centre that discharged me but they will treat endo only not infertility apparently?! Option 2 referal to the infertility clinic at local hospital or option 3 go on the pill for 3 months straight to try and shrink endo and hopefully concieve after that? Does anyone have any experience of any of these options? It helps so much to read about your experiences xx

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  • Can you do options 1 and 2?! Have the Endo removed (as much as they can) and then do fertility clinic? That way your insides are top notch and ready to go?

  • Thanks for replying :) that was my first instinct but my gp told me to try to avoid another lap as can lead to chronic pelvic pain. It took me ages to recover after my lap so I would prefer to avoid it if it's not necessary! I wish they'd referred me to fertility after my first lap but they said they wanted to wait 6 months. I find it all confusing and different gp's say different things!

  • What does the Endo specialist say? GP's don't know a lot about Endo. Mine said, "it means painful periods on someone with a low threshold for pain"!!! ?! I flipping refused to go under for egg collection and just squeezed my hubby's hand when the pain got bad! I was offered a top up of painkillers, but said no! I'm not diagnosed as Endo, but it's been suggested for 3 years now, that that's why my cycles are horrendous. I didn't realise most people don't get pain so bad they throw up or faint! (Oops)

  • Because I was discharged after my lap I will need to be referred again to the endo specialist to see what they suggest and with waiting times I don't want to wait for ages to get the same response I did last time which was we will deal with the infertility once we sort out the endo if you have it (at that point my consultant didn't think I had endo it was only after the lap I was diagnosed and discharged on same day!!) sorry to hear about your pain! It totally sucks having endo and it is hard to explain it to ppl I can't believe the gp said low pain threshold! As if!

  • Hi LaDeDa82. I feel that you would be best to get referred to the clinic, then you can get a proper consultation as to where you are with all of this, and a proper treatment plan. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane

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