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Hi i am currently on my 1st ever ivf cycle and unfortunately i am not responding aswell as i and the hospital would have hoped i was on a low dosage of Menopur 150 until friday when it got upped to 225 and todays scan shown only 3 folicles reacting out of a possible 22 on both my ovaries but there is a cluster of 16 that have moved up a little bit , this cycle is on the NHS and i get one go ... my options are up dosage to 300 Menopur and hope for the best or turn my ivf cycle into IUI still losing my one go at ivf or worst case i lose the folicles that are there and it gets completely cancelled so upset and i strongly believe its down to the low dosage i was put and really want to appeal against losing my go due to this how would i go about that ? any advice and positive storys would really help me out right now xxx

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  • Hello Herrys, it sounds like you're in a bit of a panic! I'm assuming if you stopped the treatment altogether now it would still count as one try?

    I'm not medically trained but I believe that IVF has a better success rate than IUI so that's something to consider and perhaps discuss with your clinic. Try to remember that you only need one egg so with 3 follicles its definitely not over yet : )

    Also, try your best to relax (I know it's not easy!) as that will help too. Have a nice bath, read or do whatever helps keep your mind off things. Breathing in for 7, out for 11 (repeatedly) also helps me if I'm feeling really stressed. Concentrating on counting, refusing to allow your mind to wander to thoughts of treatment and the 'what ifs' is really soothing.

    Take care and I wish you luck x

  • Thankyou hopeful and yes it would count as 1 go of we had to cancel it altogether , even with 3 follicles there they haven't give me egg collection as a option but i am going to query this on Tuesdays after scan , really trying to be calm and positive but this has hit me quite hard xx

  • Hi Herrys, sorry I didn't realise they hadn't given you egg collection as an option. You still have a couple of days to go so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm sorry you're having this additional stress, it's difficult enough with all the uncertainty. The clinic will want it to work for you so I'm sure they will be giving you the best advice. Good luck and take care x

  • Thankyou xx

  • Hello I had the same scenario I was put on 100 to start with and then they kept upping me I only had one over 20 and another about 16, I was told that one cycle counts when you have egg collection they fertilise and then you have embryo transfer and if that isn't sucessful that's when you loose your free cycle. If you go to egg collection and no eggs or you have eggs and they don't fertilise then we were advised this is still you free cycle to start again. Like I said I had 1 the right size and they hoped maybe the other would grow with the increase in drugs, they recommended I cancel but I had 80% chance there would be an egg. I was lucky enough to get one egg which fertilised and I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant. Please question what they've said constitutes of loosing your cycle before making your decision.

  • Thankyou so much i am going to ask all the right questions tomorrow as i can't see how they can count it as my free go when no ivf has happend yet and im paying for my medication separate , your story has give me hope really hope tomorrow i can reply with a more positive post xxx

  • Hi Herrys, I am currently in the 2ww of my first IVF cycle. At my second scan I was really disappointed to only have 5 follicles growing all from my right ovary and only tiny ones on my left. I believe there needs to be a minimum of 3 to go ahead with IVF (for my clinic anyway). In the few days leading up to egg collection the follicles continued to grow and we managed to get 8 eggs. Two of these eggs made it to 5 day blastocyst so I have one onboard and one in the freezer.

    I like you was in a total panic with the number of follicles I had.....but quality over quantity is what really matters. Someone may get 20 odd eggs and more than half of these could be poor quality or too immature to go any further. I was also on 150 menopur, it may be the dosage recommended to first time NHS IVFers.

    If you are only getting one cycle with NHS it's really important that you have full information on what your options mean and at what stage the cycle would be regarded as your 'free' cycle. If this is your only go then I'd take to IVF, like PY987 prooves, one is all that is needed.

    Wish you lots of luck, I'm finding IVF a lot harder than I first thought it would be. Xx

  • Thanks debs yes im going to ask who i need to speak to tomorrow to find out my rights but obviously hoping thattomorrow's scan is looking better been on 300 Menopur yesterday and today xx

  • I'm not sure about the funding side of things but I had a similar problem where the follicles weren't big enough and they upped my dose of Gonal F. Even with that I only had four which is the minimum amount my clinic go with for egg collection so I was worried. Had my egg collection yesterday and they collected four eggs, three of which fertilised overnight (one wasn't mature enough) so I'm booked in for embryo transfer tomorrow.

    So don't give up home yet. I'll keep everything crossed for you, keep us updated x

  • Thankyou cazo i had a more positive vissit tuesday seems the nurse i spoke to sunday was being very dramatic about my options and very negative which i will be refusing to be seen by her again as its the 2nd time shes had me worried and upset now which is something you obviously try not to be in this whole process, Tuesday i had 3 folicles in the good zone and 16 folicles are now reacting to 300 daily dose of menopur so fingers crossed its another positive vissit tomorrow the nurse i seen tuesday said we try everything to avoid cancelling a cycle we just hope to get as many eggs as possible and alot of the time its quality over quantity :) will update tomorrow xx

  • Egg collection booked for Saturday 7 folicles there at the moment 😊 xx

  • Hi, I was in the same situation as you and had only 3 folicles. Didn't really respond well with menopur. However I had to pay for my ivf. I ended up with 2 eggs and both ferlized thank god. Egg transplantation this Monday. Tips I got which helped loads.... you need yo drink 2 and half litres of water. Drink coconut water and rasbery and pomegranate soothe to help with lining. Avoid heavy lifting. Don't forget you only need one egg and that is all they will transfer. Personally I would go ahead as you have been through it all. But of course your doctor knows best.....oh and acupuncture helped loads. Good luck.

  • Thank you i did chose tp continue on a higer dose and now have 4 good sized folicles and 3 abit bigger than they would like egg collection is on Saturday so fingers crossed we get a couple of good ones xx

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