A week after bfn

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is ok.

So it's a week since our bfn and our follow up appointment is next Thursday.

I called Leeds yesterday to pay for one year freeze of our only embryo and whilst I was on the phone asked her how many vials of sperm we still have left after our first icsi attempt. We still have 11 (we had twelve so they only needed to use in for 5 eggs) so I'm really happy with that πŸ˜„

I also mentioned fet vs another protocol and she basically said as we only have one embryo that it may not even defrost and we would have gone through everything to be ready for transfer!

So now I'm thinking I'm going to ask for short protocol (quick than long) and try another fresh transfer all being well and to hopefully get more frozen as well as I don't think my heart could stand getting ready for fet then not having one to transfer.

I'm going to say I want to start on my next period as I'm not drinking, still not smoking, still on the daily smoothies and healthy eating so I'm ready to start again ASAP.

How does that sound?

Thanks for reading, holly x

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  • Sounds like you have made your decision and to me sounds like a good idea. It's surprising how time heals and you soon get ready to carry on the fight of this horrid journey. Good for you and truly hope it works for you πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi button

    Thank you. I know we just have to brush ourselves off and start again I guess.

    Will see what they say on Thursday but I hope that they will support our decision.

    Hope you are ok

    Holly xx

  • I am not to bad, like you said just have to get on with it. Just feel gutted that we got so far then lost it, just hoping it will be 3rd time lucky X

  • Yes we do - its not easy but we will get there I am sure

    Have a lovely weekend

    Holly xx

  • Both you ladies sound like very strong women. I had 2 failed iui's and getting ready for my third treatment. I can't help but feel a roller coaster of emotions!! Best of luck to you both. Xx

  • Good Luck to you too xxx

  • All the best of luck to you too xx

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