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I am a lucky lady so why can't I enjoy being pregnant 😞

Hey ladies

Firstly to those of you that have had their heart broken I am so sorry to then go and post something like this.

I know I am a lucky lady, I know I should be I top of the world but I am so scared that things will go wrong... I am now at 12 w 2d and feel not pregnant. I have seen my baby at least every other week but this anxious feeling I am having is worrying me. I talk daily to her/him but have their rooted fear inside that it's too good to be true.

It's not counselling just fear of the unknown.

How do I get past this and enjoy it...

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I'm almost 28wks Tamtam and the only time I feel pregnant is when I feel the baby move. I constantly worry and wish the baby was here, the waiting is unbearable. My only advice is take one day at a time and take care of yourself. I think I mentioned before about hiring a doppler. It's so comforting being able to listen to the baby's heartbeat. I think what you're doing is protecting yourself and that's only natural. Tell yourself that every day that goes by in your pregnancy is an absolute blessing 😘 x x x


Hi hun don't beat yourself up for feeling like this. After everything you've been through to get to this point it won't come naturally to relax. Maybe start a pregnancy diary as it will be a way of expressing your fears & a great keep sake. Allow yourself time everyday to panic & freak but also make yourself chill & enjoy the moment. So very pleased for you & bump :) xx


Right there with you. X


I felt exactly the same, even though all the stats say that when you reach 2nd trimester the likelihood of anything bad happening is so slim. You've been through a lot, Tamtam, so it's completely understandable to feel this way. I think you just have to try and stay occupied and now that you're pretty much in 2nd trimester, you can start sharing your news soon and you will have people around you who will be overjoyed, supportive and encouraging. This will help you through. In another few weeks you will have the anatomy scan and you'll start to feel your baby moving and this will be huge reassurance. I do agree it's difficult to go through pregnancy and I was surprised at how I felt, particularly when the babies are much wanted but I think even mothers who haven't been on this journey have similar feelings at times. When you feel more confident about the pregnancy, you'll start making lists for baby and buying things and I think this can also help as it will build up the excitement for you and distract from negative feelings, hopefully. As noodle says, movements will be the big reassurance when you start feeling your little one. x


I'm sorry you're feeling like this Tamtam :( There's nothing to apologise for, you're just as entitled to your fears and anxiety as everyone else and this is a long hard road for everyone, you're not going to lose your concerns overnight. I hope you can start to feel more positive and enjoy your pregnancy soon but if you need to talk to someone confide in someone close to you, you will probably feel much better sharing how you feel x x x


Hi TamTam, you are not alone. I still feel like this now and I'm 32+5 weeks. I don't think i'll believe it until I'm holding her in my arms. Please remember we've all been on a difficult journey to get pregnant (some more difficult than others) so it's hard to believe it when something good happens. With every scan, you do start worrying less and less and after we had a 4D scan it definitely felt more real as we saw her little personality coming through (she was in a right mood as the sonographer woke her up 😂). The worry never fully disappears but do try and enjoy it as much as possible, as I keep telling myself, you're carrying your very own little miracle xxx

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