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Am I still pregnant?


Hi everyone,

Sorry this might sound like a stupid question but I am genuinely worried.

I got my BFP a few days before.

I am now 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Since my 2ww wait finished I have had no cramps, no pain or any other symptoms most people keep having.

During my 2ww I had mild cramps and very sore breasts. My breasts are still the same but I have no cramps at all. Also I didn’t bleed or have any spotting during my 2ww. I have been feeling sleepy a lot all the time.

I know it sounds crazy but sometimes having cramps makes me feel better as if something positive is happening and everything is fine.

Right now I just feel a little nervous because I keep thinking, “ is this normal?” Is it normal not to feel anything?

I also have to wait two weeks for my scan which doesn’t help as it would be lovely to have a scan to feel a little better.

Any replies will help.💛❤️

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If it makes you feel better I feel the exact same. I’m tired and sore boobs but that’s it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ maybe it’s normal 🤪 I’m hoping it is 😘🙏🏻💖💐

Hi Rhinocat,

It does make me feel better. Glad we’re in the same boat lol.💛❤️

Hi fertilitystruggle,

My pregnancy symptoms didn’t kick in until I was 6 weeks so it’s completely normal to not feel anything just yet. Most of the things you’re describing are just side effects of the drugs so some people get them and some don’t. Try not to worry, I know it’s hard!xx

Hi Kiboxx,

Thank you for your message. It just made me feel really nervous and I wasn’t sure if this happened to others too. So glad I did write as now I feel so much better🥳❤️

I’m glad you posted it because I was feeling a bit meh too . It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it? I’m feeling anxious and glad scan is only two weeks away then I’ll know if there’s a chance this could be real 🤩🤪

It’s amazing how one posts actually helps so many people because we all go through the same thing. Good luck for your scan! My scan is similar time to yours too💛❤️x

I felt exactly the same as you, last week I didn’t feel pregnant at all (was constantly symptom spotting and stressing) and then this week (week 6) the symptoms have really kicked in. I think it’s too early for you to have symptoms so don’t worry lovely 😊 xxx

Hi Peanutchips,

I will wait and see if any symptoms kick in or not in a few weeks. To be honest I think I just want my scan day to come faster so I can feel a little better. Good luck with your pregnancy 💛💛x

Hey hon, yes in pregnancy you don't feel cramps, sore boobs is a good sign! Wish you luck for the scan xx

Hi jols,

I’m glad the cramping stopped but wasn’t sure if it was normal. Thank you so much❤️x

Completely normal. Cramps were more than likely implantation. Remember most naturally conceived pregnancies wouldn’t even know they were pregnant by now! Pregnancy symptoms usually kick in around 8 weeks although everybody is different. Try to stay positive and wait for your scan which will hopefully show you a heartbeat in a couple of weeks. A scan now won’t show anything at all so would cause you more anxiety, that’s why they wait. Sounds like everything is going exactly as it should be - congratulations!!!

Hi DC5867,

Everything you said makes a lot of sense.

It is true naturally conceived pregnancy wouldn’t have any symptoms until later on. I think for us woman who have IVF it’s hard because we know about the pregnancy from day one which makes in a little impatient.

And thank you so much! 💛❤️x

Hard isn’t the’s torture!!! One day at a time is the only way. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy 🥰

Thank you so much! I really hope things work out this time🤞🏼🙏🏼 x

Good luck to you too💛

Honestly complete normal. My first round had sore boobs and cramps...ended in miscarriage. Second round had nothing at all. Was convinced it didn't work, then when we got a positive had not one symptom until 14 weeks pregnant! Symtopms honestly doesn't mean anything and everybody reacts differently. Best of luck!

Hi Edinburgh12,

Your first round sounds just like mine and ended the same way. Maybe it is true, it is a good thing that I am not having any severe cramping or any other symptoms too soon.

Thank you for your message 💛x

No problem at all. Take care xx

I was crazy and kept doing pregnancy tests when I was feeling unsure whether or not I was still pregnant...keeps you harm in it...main thing if no bleeding at all...fingers crossed you'll be ok xxx

Hi Hartley1,

To make you feel a little less crazy let me tell you that I actually do a pregnancy test every 2 days😂 yes I am that afraid that i feel the need to reassure my self and I am sure that how you felt too.

Thank you for your lovely message 💛❤️x

Totally get it...after sooo long we gotta reassure even after 26 weeks if pregnancy if I don't feel my lil bublet I start panicking....whatever makes us happy 🤣🤣

Honestly I had very few symptoms til about 12 weeks and like you, I did multiple tests to make sure I still was pregnant. It’s hard not to worry after all you’ve been through but I now have a very healthy nearly 3 year old so I hope that gives you some reassurance xx

Hi Sarahmanc,

This definitely gives me a lot of reassurance.

Your absolutely right with everything we go through it almost becomes difficult to believe that we have finally been blessed with what we wanted.

Thank you for your lovely message and congratulations on your healthy 3 year old 💛

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