I am so so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! We just came back from the hospital! We met our kids!!!!! I am so freaking happy!!! Just can’t believe that we are parents already! I am thinking of those days when I was just dreaming about becoming a mother! I am sorry that I can’t share the photos, because we didn’t have the chance to do them because we only had 30 minutes with our kids, but we watched how the nurses fed them. Oh my god. I feel like I could fly, I can’t even tell you how happy I am!! Girls and guys here, believe in your dreams. They will come true definitely!!!

I am sorry for such a huge amount of exclamation points but you can imagine how happy I am. Tomorrow we are going to know eventually when we are taking our boys home. I am happy, so happy!!


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  • Their names are Max and Ivon. Two boys born last Thursday. They are already growing up, I can picture it. Yes, we have, but for now we are going to stay in the hotel because the documents are not ready yet. Our manager has said that they are in process for the moment. I hope that kids love their new home. I am ready to devote my life to them, raising kids it is something that I have always dreamt of but I have never imagined that it will be even better than I have thought.

  • Because I am not home right now, we have been getting our tx done in another country and now we are waiting for the documents to be performed. And after that we are free to go. I can’t wait when I introduce my kids to their new country. We also have met our surrogate and I wrote her a letter where I have expressed all of my gratitude. She thanked us and we hugged each other. I hope our kids are okay and we get to take them home real soon.

  • No, I think that they should be okay, but one of the twins has a yellow face and as the doctor told us it was all because of the high level of bilirubin. I do not know how it works but from what I have read that higher level of bilirubin for newborns is okay but we cannot check out before the analysis shows that everything is okay.

    No, she wasn’t. We had to get the interpreter. Or the clinic provided us with one to be more precise. And the girl she translated our words to her and hers – to us. So we understood what every single of us has to say.

    Because here in Denmark it is impossible to get into the surrogacy. and amongst all the countries our had the cheapest contracts.

  • Yes, they also gave us a car with the driver too.

    This is the day, we are going to find out when we get to take our cuties home! What if it's the next week? I hope that their analysis results are all right and that they are doing great.

  • Hello! I am back from the maternity house! And I have incredible news!!! We are going to take our kids home tomorrow!!! The manager girl said that we should prepare questions and we will be instructed on what to take with us to the maternity house so the kids feel great. We also have head an hour with twins in the private room. We thought that at least today we will be given some time to feed our kids but they have to be fed every 3 hours and the schedule wasn’t working for us. But anyways the news made me so happy. We will be able to meet the doctor tomorrow and I hope that we will get all of our questions answered.

    I think I can’t get any happier.

  • That's excellent news congratulations xxx

  • Thank you! I am so happy! I hope that we can take them home soon! xx

  • Hi! Congrats!! Can you tell what the clinic you are using is? And where is it located? I myself am in search for the surrogacy clinic and based on your happiness and satisfaction, I would like to know if I can get into the surrogacy program over there. Thanks.

  • No, if you don’t mind, can I ask you some questions? I would really appreciate this.

  • Of course I do not mind! What do you want to know? Ask me.

  • How did you start your tx in the clinic? The finding process doesn't interest me that much, but as I am new to this fertility clinics world so I would like to know about how did you contact the doctors?

    PS. Do you know if I am suitable for the surrogacy tx in this clinic? I have been through cancer and have undergone the partial hysterectomy..

  • The start of the tx was considerably easy. You know, we just wrote to the manager of the clinic a letter and she responded like in a day. Then we were discussing the contracts for same time, she was asking me about my condition and whether we have or do not the required analysis. We did not contact the doctor at first, only when we came to Kiev for the initial consultation we have been able to meet her.

    I think so but you should definitely ask the manager and the doctor. The manager of my clinic will show all of your tests to the doctor and she will say. But for surrogacy you will be accepted for 100% so do not worry.

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