Crossing everything

Crossing everything

Well after 4 years ttc, an inactive left ovary, a failed icsi I started my second cycle did 2 weeks of injections no af and then this little surprise. Let's hope it sticks around! The stress is by no means over when you get this but there is hope ladies. I never ever thought this would happen for us especially not naturally. Good luck everyone xx

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  • Brilliant news ☺️ so happy for you x

  • Thank you

  • WOW!!! That is amazing news and Naturally too. At least it's not been poked and prodded before being out in you. That really is so lovely to wake up and see your post. Congratulations xxxx

  • Thank you x

  • Whoop whoop! Fantastic news!

    Everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you

  • Fantastic news, congratulations xx

  • Thank you x

  • Amazing news, I'm so happy for you. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy. X

  • Thank you. I feel more nervous now than ever and I have lost all the ivf special treatment so no early scans or blood tests 😳

  • I know there is a company that do private scans and they aren't that expensive-it's called babybond. I had a fertility scan there and paid £100. I know they do early scans. I also know if I was pregnant I wouldn't be able to hold till I was 10/13 weeks gone. After the fight we have to get there it's no surprising it's hard to enjoy the excitement of being pregnant. X

  • Oh thanks for this I am so looking this up!

  • Aw fantastic news let yourself have this moment sweetheart xxxx

  • Congrats! Without treatment is just a bonus 👌🏻 x

  • Congratulations! Lovely news! Have you asked your clinic whether they will scan you anyway at about 7 weeks? If you haven't it's worth asking them. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. Take care xx

  • The clinic scanned my sil even though the pregnancy was natural but she had to pay £50.

  • Thanks for this. We have managed to get an appointment for an early scan at what we think will be 7 weeks. I honestly thought I would relax and be happy seeing a positive result but not I'm on the countdown to 12 week scan and that's a bigger countdown than a 2ww. Also to anyone in the 2ww symptom spotting I had no symptoms what's so ever. Completely ablivious

  • Glad you have an appointment for an early scan. Do try to enjoy your pregnancy, and congratulations xx

  • Wow well done that's amazing. CONGRATULATIONS XX

  • Congratulations, amazing news! I know someone that this happened to and her clinic gave her an early scan so might be worth checking if they might do this for you!xx

  • Amazing news!! Wishing you all the best xx

  • Congratulations, thats amazing news x

  • 💞💞💞❤️

  • This is awesome news 🤗 Huge congrats and the best wishes for a smooth pregnancy 🤞❤️ xx

  • Amazing! Good luck with everything xx

  • Wow! Congratulations x

  • Everyone on here are the nicest people. Despite all the struggles you are all individually going through it is so touching for so many of you to pass on your kind words. I have just booked a baby bond scan so thanks for that advice! Xx

  • Congratulations!! Xx

  • Massive congratulations, so happy for you xx

  • So so pleased.... well done and wishing you all the very best for the road ahead

  • Love that I was a little part of this journey with you late in to the evenings chatting and worrying hon. Big hugs xx

  • Thanks you we are still on this journey together though x

  • Too right we are! I'll be messaging you when I'm panicking! x

  • Fab news... Congratulations 🎊 xxx

  • Brilliant news - congratulations! x

  • Brilliant news babe congratulations!! Xxxx

  • Wishing you the best! xx

  • Wooohoooo fantastic news xxx Congratulations☺

  • Yes, big hope for all of us. Congratulations

  • So lovely to read this. I too had a natural miracle last month. 10 weeks come Monday. I had a private early scan too to see my little bean as couldn't believe it! Congrats xxx

  • How many weeks were you when you had your private early scan?

  • Hi I registered as 6 weeks 5 days. Saw little bean and beating heart. Had to do a 'dildo' scan as stomach one was too early but luckily I was used to them!!!! X

  • Amazing result, congratulations!! xoxo

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