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ICSI- is it as successful as IVF?

Hello lovely ladies, we just started our first IVF and had egg retrieval today, they collected 7, but my husband's sperm count is low which was a bit of a blow so we've been advised to do ICSI. They will let us know if they've fertilised tomorrow. We were a bit cautious about ICSI when a nutritionist told us to steer clear of it but they wouldn't offer it if it didn't work and this may be our only chance. I'd just like to know if it is as successful as IVF, the stats I found are grouped with IVF and I suppose I'd like to hear some success stories.

Hope everyone's getting on OK with your journeys.


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Hi, I'm 35 and I had my 1st IVF cycle in January where 8 eggs were collected. We were told on the day of collection that they would have to be fertilised by ICSI. Of these 8, 4 were mature enough to fertilise. They were all of a good quality and were allowed to get to blastocyst stage before 1 was transferred and 2 others were frozen. I am now 10 weeks pregnant! Good luck xxx


Lovely news x


ICSI is advised for low sperm count so that's why your clinic has suggested it. It increases the chances of success as the embryologist picks out the good sperm and pops it into the egg.

Like you say if it didn't work they won't use it. I'm a bit wary of advise from other professionals who aren't fertlity experts.

I don't know the stats but both my eggs collected on Monday fertilised through ICSI and my hubby has low spem count, they're poor swimmers and funny shapes so ICSI is our best option.

I hope you get a good fertilisation rate.


Hello. Just thought I would help reassure you. Icsi is as good as Ivf if not even better. As they physically put the sperm and egg together. We have always had grade 4 and 5 embryos from icsi. So try not to worry. It gives it the best chance. Take care sweetie. ️Xx


I would agree with the other posts. I'm 33 weeks and had very very low odds. Would have been impossible with out icsi


Thank you so much for your comments, I feel so much better and all the very best of luck with your pregnancies x

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Well I'm posting this message with my beautiful 11 week old baby girl in my arms.my husband and I had icsi last April and it worked 1st time for us . I'm 40 and my husband had very poor swimmers and weren't hopeful because statistics we're against us but we're over the moon . I'd highly recommend icsi over ivf any day it makes more sense and the success rate is a lot higher.....good luck xxx


Thank you for your message, I'm delighted for you. Anyone on this journey knows the silent pain we go through so it's great to hear these stories of hope.

Thank you!



A lot of clinics now use ICSI as a standard process. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with an ICSI cycle using slow sperm. Best of luck to you xx


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