Can't believe it's almost time!!

Hey all,

So I can't believe on Thursday I will be starting my first injection for IVF. I've been waiting for this day for a year and now it's here I can't quite believe it.

Would love any tips regarding injections or how to stay strong through treatment. Anything you ladies done that you felt made a different to your treatment 😊

This website has been amazing throughout my wait and I know it'll be just as amazing through my treatment and I want to thank all you lovely ladies for all your support and advice. It's been a massive help as struggling with infertility can be such a lonely place.

I took my last pill on Friday and can feel AF is going to be a brutal one. My stomach, boobs and head hurts today and I keep getting hot sweats. I'm praying this will be my last period for a long time and hope I get that BFP!

Good luck all πŸ€ xxx

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  • Hey Hun!! Massive congrats on coming this far! I totally understand how you feel and I don't know where I would bee without this site. I feel like family not understand and think ivf will fix everythingg. I start my down regulation injections this Friday!!! Best wishes! Xx

  • Thanks so much. Good luck with your treatment. Keep me posted on how your getting on 😊 xxx

  • Good Luck, just take each day as it comes as once it starts it goes pretty fast xxx

  • Hiya Hun! ..I hope everything goes well for you im also starting my 1st cycle and start injections but I start on Friday, just take every step as it comes is the best advice someone gave me. and just try to relax through it all. xx

  • Hey hun so exciting. I had eggs collected yesterday on my first cycle and in on Saturday for transfer. My advice really is to stay as relaxed as possible so be very very kind to yourself... lots of box setsπŸ˜‰I did acupuncture too. Also my husband did the injections which helped. We took it all one step at a time and tried to giggle lots along the way so far apart from today where I feel physically and emotionally floored😯good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

  • Not to hijack your thread Amanda86, but I'd just like to ask Vic77 how she's doing after yesterday as we both had our EC? X

  • Hey tugsgirl.. will reply on your thread xx

  • Thanks everyone. I will definitely try to stay calm and take each day as it comes 😊

    Thanks for the advice and good luck with all your treatments xxx

  • Ice during injections was a god send! I iced the area well for at least 10 minutes prior. No bruises! 😊 X

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