Yessss Baby N.2 via Icsi ivf ! We did it again ! it does work keep positive

Yessss Baby N.2 via Icsi ivf ! We did it again ! it does work keep positive

Hello Everybody

I wanted to bring some positivity to the forum

Just letting people know ivf icsi does work! Baby N.2 is here and healthy. We know how difficult and stressful the journey, if i could give you some advice it would be to remain positive and focused.

If you have any questions regarding , IVF, ICSI, MEDICINE , DIET i will do my very best to advise you , so please don't hesitate to ask?

Thank you to all the people who supported us gave us good advice over the years we wish you all a healthy Baby!

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  • Congrats! And u give us all hope... Enjoy your children...xx

  • Congratulations that is fabulous news. Hope you have a fantastic christmas together. We are waiting for our implantation tomorrow, any advice on what to eat? Im eating as much protein as possible and my daily pineapple plus drinking lots of water. Just wondering if there are any tips you can give me for a successful transfer. Thank you xx

  • Hello mrandmrsx,

    This is good news. I am on day 4 of my Buserelin injections. I am going through IVF/ISCI. Going back on the 29th for my first scan. Did you follow any special diet. Taken my vitamins as well. Any advice you have will be well appreciated.

  • Congratulations! Always nice to hear the success stories. Hopefully you get to enjoy some of the festivities if you aren't too tired with a newborn!

  • Congratulations that's wonderful news

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