Waiting excited and scared

So today I'm feeling a little excited but I'm scared to currently waiting for my letter from Royal to start treatment last time I phone the said I should here abt June time so it's getting close anyone else been waiting to hear from royal? How long have u been waiting or how long did it take I'm also being put on a high dose cause amh level is low hoping it doesn't make me to sick I've done treatment before ended in Mc and I was sick on a low dose xx

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  • Royal in Belfast

  • I'm hoping to start next month too but in Scotland. I'm hoping to hear soon but trying not to be too excited 😊 Xxx

  • Hey I'm attending the RFC but over at Grove well being centre. I don't know what the difference is. Our review appointment is on Tuesday and the we will know hopefully when treatment will be starting. I was really surprised at the wait times. Not as long as I expected. The doctor did say once treatment starts it was quick. All the best!

  • Hi Sam84. I went to royal also - wait times was very quick it was 7 months for me although needed op first so 3 on top of that. Hope all goes well for you. I was on same high dose coz of AMH too. Good luck X

  • If you phone they will tell you current waiting times X I was about 9 months back in 2014

  • Hi Sam I attended the Grove well being centre and was then referred to the royal. From referral to starting treatment it was 6 months. I had egg collection yesterday.. good luck xx

  • Thank you for all your comments I was put on the list at the start of Dec so hopefully I'll hear start of June good luck to everyone on their journey is anyone doing anything along side their treatment to help them stay relaxed I'm tinkling of maybe doing some reflexology along side mine been taking multi vit as well also been told to eat Brazil nuts and drink a glass of pineapple juice every day anyone else doing this? Xo

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