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So today I got the call we have been waiting for injections start next Thursday in the evening have appointment the Thursday morning to go through whole treatment plan and a teach lesson for injections. I have a blood test in the morning I have been and told my employer these plans today I have said egg collection is probably going to be when a staff member is on holiday and I won't be able to have the time off unless I can get the person I work with to have the time off but I cannot guarantee they will have that time off!! I actually ended up in tears I've explained the whole process goes on my cycle I don't want to postpone my treatment I'm now worried when I need EC I am not going to be able to have the time off work this is stress I just do not need!!! Maybe I'm being oversensitive I have explained everything and been honest from the start and all seemed ok now EC will be looming it all of a sudden seems like it's an inconvenience I've explained that this is my life and I can't just say oh that week I can't do it will have to be that week cause it just doesn't work like that!!! Feeling deflated right now I was so excited to be starting injections. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ‘Ž

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  • You are entitled to attend medical appointments and EC is classed as day surgery because of the sedation so if need be you can produce a medical letter. Do they have a HR department you can speak to? X

  • No do not have a HR department!! I work for a small company I just do not feel today has been treated with any sensitivity!! I am on my feet all day running around and after transfer also do not want to be rushing round on my feet all the time I want the time off and want a couple days off after EC surely I can't be denied day off for EC x

  • Get a medical cert from your go Hun . Your boss sounds awful . egg col is surgery so you should definitely get a sick note . They will get over it and hopefully feel really bad at how terrible they are treating you.

    What sort of company do you wrk at? Isn't there someone above this person you can speak too?


  • Nobody above as this is my boss I work in a dental surgery. I just cannot bear to be worrying about this time off or stressing I just do not need it!!!! X

  • Hello. They say you shouldn't work the day after ec as the sedation may not completly out of your system. Plus you need to rest. Maybe get a doctors note to give them to your boss. Xxx

  • It's not just the days off basically saying if my EC falls on someone's holidays then I won't be having the time off unless I get the person I work with to have the time off but I can't guarantee it will be the days he works feeling angry right now x

  • Hi Hope,

    I think what your boss is telling you is illegal. They are not doctors to say you can't have time off! If you had planned surgery you wouldn't be able to cancel just because your boss wouldn't give you the time off!, and this is a procedureyou need, not through choice..

    Maybe jjust speak to your boss nearer the time for egg collection..timings can change, and just phone in sick. I had all my dates planned, had leave booked and everything ( I didn't tell my boss anything, just don't trust her) and my period came a week early :-), so had to take sick days.

    Good luck and I am sure everything will work out in the end. This is time for you to concentrate on yourself.

    Jackie x

  • I am going to speak to him again in a couple of days!!! I just feel he was ok before but now my EC could fall on someone's holiday it's all of a sudden a massive issue is how I feel!! I told him it could fall that time he said he could not just not let people have a holiday around that time but we would sort something out now it's well I am not cancelling cause we don't have enough staff I'll loose x amount of money I just found that insensitive he can always make money I can't always have this chance!!! Just feel so angry right now!!! I am not in the wrong well I don't think I am!!! Oh well bloods and work today hopefully today will be a better day x

  • I can relate to this. I too work in a dental surgery and it is a stressful job but managers don't seem to get that this is a difficult time for us and that their unhelpful and hurtful comments do not help. My practice manger is new and really rude to me,(as she too has had endo and it's not that bad) I had let them know I was expecting a appt in 8weeks for a follow up to my lapo in December and when my appt came through in January gave plenty of notice but they asked me to change it as not enough staff to cover only 3hrs off at end of the day. In the end I had to get my GP to wright a letter to say it was important that I attend this appointment. Only makes me worry what they will be like later on down the line. I hope you get it all sorted in the end if it was me I get a GP note to say you need to attend and don't worry about work that much you can always take them to tribunal if they don't comply

  • It's all about udas at the moment and that's what I think the problem is!!! But I've spoke to the guy I work with we get on really well I've explained to him today and he was willing to move 2 days and have those off so then there would be enough staff to cover at that time!!! Just not what I need at the minute that comment is now stuck in my head and it's really upset me. I have worked there 6 years as well x

  • Oh yes udas can't wait for April. that's really nice of him. I guess as long as your colleagues are standing by you that helps. Lucky for me the dentists are really supportive and willing to give me help when needed as I send the referrals so little stressful at times. They let me cry in their surgery in between patients and like to know what's going on shame their not in charge. Mind you not sure if that would be good idea

  • Yes I have a good relationship with my dentist and he won't well doesn't like to work with anybody else either!! So I knew if I explained he might help me out but just couldn't guarantee it!! Ooh roll on April!!! X

  • Hi Hope84,

    I'm sorry your work are putting you under this pressure as you really don't need it! At the end of the day you've waited a long time for this and it is really important to you. So, you need to put yourself first and do not feel guilty for doing it. Your boss is putting him/herself first by even suggesting you can't have the time off and clearly doesn't feel guilty so neither should you. What does your employer expect you to do? It's not your responsibility to organise cover while you are in hospital. Make it clear it is very important that you are it put under any stress during treatment.

    If necessary, the doctor will sign you off for EC and any other time you need to recover.

    Good luck x

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