Waiting..but scared it's too late

Hi my test day is near.. 18th... It's my 5 IVF round now, along with a fet transfer aswel. This is a private funded NHS treatment so this is the last time.. Carnt do this anymore ... Roller coaster of emotions does not come near to what it's like. Started to see some small brown spotting this am. This has what has happened last time...so not too positive.Been feeling ill with headaches & a bit sick but not wanted to read to much into it... been reading posts of people's heartache... My thoughts and best wishes are with you all. But I've come to the conclusion that I have to let it go... I have a lovely husband who I don't know what I'd do without...I am lucky to have him..we have said we would start to look at adoption... I need to get our lives back..& feeling normal again. Sorry for the long post but needed to write it down to feel a bit better.

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  • Hope your okay, this post brought a tear to my eye, it's so hard this all of it but you right in what your saying if you have a lovely husband who would do anything for u then that's a blessing itself keep strong hugs xxxx

  • Thank you. Xxxx

  • Hi Smithkin, I hope you get you BFP but, if not, I'm sure there is a child out there who would just love to be adopted and have you as their mummy.

    Good luck x

  • sorry you are feeling this way. Glad you are thinking of adoption as I am if this doesn't work for us. We will get a family one way or another lots of love xx

  • I know... It's just seems so hard.. Will probably have a rest & spend time just getting back to being normal & being me. We will get there. Xx

  • I will keep everything crossed for you and hope you get your BFP.

    I test on 23rd but started to get a migraine today which is a sure sign AF is on it's way so I hold out no hope now either. Life just seems so unfair.

    Good luck with everything and stay strong xx

  • Thanks for your reply & keeping my fingers crossed for you too. X

  • All the best with it all. It really does test us all to the limit at times. I am testing on 26th after FET. Fingers crossed for you. Best wishes & baby dust. xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you too. Glad to be able to talk to people have been through the same. X

  • Hi Smithkin

    My test day is the 18th as well. I've had periody type pain on and off the whole time and today it feels even worse, I'm sure I will come on in the next day or so. Will be thinking of you on Sunday, got everything crossed that it's worked for you this time X

  • You are so brave. All of the very best. I know that I will have to face this in the next year or so.... very sad, but very well done. Words fail me, as yours are so honest... but I get it.

  • Thinking of you and sending love, support and strength. It's so hard knowing what to say, as I really don't think there is anything we can say to make this easier. But knowing we are all here thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed for a BFP will hopefully bring you some comfort. Xxx

  • Hi I have my fingers crossed that you have some good news tomorrow. I had 4 failed cycles and now my husband and I are about to be approved as adopters. Reading your post made me remember the heartache we felt and how at the time I felt like it was the end of the world and didn't think I could cope but now the pain has eased and we are so close to having our family. I just wanted to let you know whatever the outcome life will be better in the future whether that's with your birth child or an adopted child (or 2 like we are hoping for). Good Luck. xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. It is tough... But speaking to people on here really does help. I've just started looking at adoption websites... Just to see how to go about it all... Started to feel a bit calmer.. Good luck with your adoption process. Xxx

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