FET and excited!!

Hello lovely ladies (and gents)! I hope you're all well, or getting there at least πŸ’œ I've just taken my first cyclogest of this FET cycle, and I'm on countdown now to transfer!! On Monday my lining was 10.4mm, so who knows how big it is now! I've also just been signed off from work, so I'm putting my feet up, getting ready for our one and only frozen embie to be given back! It feels so long ago that we did EC and the injections are definitely a distant memory, which is lovely! But at this moment I feel I can let myself feel excited, the time where we still have hope, as I'm normally such a worrier!!

Anyway sorry for the rambling post, just wanted to update I suppose, and if anyone has any extra tips then all are always welcome!!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! Xxxxxx

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  • Soooo exciting and being off work is the way to go..total relaxation now..wishing you all the very best for your snow baby xxxxxx

  • Thank you Vic xxxx

  • Wishing you so much luck for a sticky embie πŸ€ x

  • Thank you!!! I hope you're well!! πŸ’œ xx

  • I'm ok thank you xx

  • Thats great news πŸ˜€ not long now. Put your feet up and get some rest. I've got my scan on Monday, quite excited now to find out if things are going to plan and hoping I've got a nice thick lining xxx

  • Good luck for your scan, fingers crossed for thickness!!! Xxx

  • Take it easy whilst you can & relax! 😊

  • Good luck. I've just got my first ever BFP from an FET. I've been ttc forever so read up on everything that might help. I did all that was reasonable such as:

    Eating Mcdonald's fries same day after transfer

    Drinking pomegranate juice

    Eating 5 Brazil nuts daily

    Eating pineapple including the core

    Keeping my feet warm by wearing socks a lot of the time

    Little things to do and even though there's no evidence for them, it made me feel like I was helping and both myself and my friend who got our BFP'S did this, so it can't have hurt! A lot of the foods are meant to help implantation and lining, so I thought it was worth a try even though my lining was as good as yours at my scan 5 days before transfer. Best of luck for your transfer x

  • Love the McDonald's fries one! I'll be doing that for my FET next week now I've read that πŸ˜‚ congratulations on your BFP kelc86 xxx

  • Ah thank you so much! Anything that might help I am up for! πŸ˜ƒ congratulations on your BFP, your message has come at just the right time as I've started to feel a little wobbly!! Xx

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