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Our first IVF cycle has been postponed until the end of June as the consultant is having an op. So it will be on my second period depending on if it's on time.

I was next due on 22nd may but the nurse said if I came on early to ring them and let them know as it means my June period will be too eairly and the consultant will still be off so they might have to give me norethisterone. My period still hasn't come though so I'm not sure what to do, will this still affect the June cycle? Also I have some norethisterone from when I was on clomid that I didn't need to take would that be ok to use if I have to take it?

Sorry for the long post just getting a bit confused xx

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  • How frustrating. You get yourself prepared and then something outside of your control scuppers the plan.

    Ring them when your June period starts and they'll advise you on what to do.

    Re the norithestone if it's still in date and has been stored appropriately it would be fine to use IF that's what they prescribe. It would save you a few pennies but it us one of the cheaper drugs (on private prescription anyhow).

  • Thank you for replying :)

    Yes it is a bit, I know it's not that long really but it's been put back a few times already so feels like it's taking forever.

    I might give them a call at the end of the week of I still haven't come on to put my mind at rest X

  • Ah sorry for you...can't believe only one consultant and you have to hold off because of this...seems crazy....best of luck xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Butterfly_x. Although all this is very frustrating for you, hopefully you won't have to wait too long. Keep an eye on your period and if worried the clinic will advise you. Good luck with it all when it starts. Diane

  • Thank you. I am getting a bit anxious, the thing is I decided to take a career break and left my job for a few reasons but mainly so I could concentrate fully on this but now I find I'm spending so much time at home on my own it seems like forever but at the same time it would be hard to start a new job as will need a lot of time off so i don't really know what to do for the best X

  • Hi Butterfly_x. Obviously it is your decision, but I think that you would be best to wait and do this cycle when it comes. If you start a new job, then you may need time off straight away for scans and treatment, which might not go down well. Try and keep busy while you waiting, and hopefully the time wil lsoon pass. Diane

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