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All hope is lost😢😢

I'm 11dpt with one embie on board, started having brown mucus spotting on Thursday, that has now turned into red bleeding, not heavy but still there😢We are so upset as I just know this means it hasn't worked, our consultant has advised to continue with pessaries and do a test Monday. Has anyone been in a similar position before and got a positive result? 😖

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So sorry to hear this try to stay calm and totally bed rest for the nxt 2 days. Xx



It's definitely not over yet, many ladies bleed little. I had a lot of brown spotting for weeks and I am now 37 weeks.

Good luck! Wishing you a BFP!.



I want to second what others have said. x I've heard of many ladies on here who have bled on here and gone on to get a BFP. x it could be implantation bleeding. x Many women do bleed in early pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies. x I am one of them! I bled very heavily (like a period) at 7 weeks pregnant but my baby was fine and he is now 17! x Sending you lots of hugs and I'll have my fingers crossed you get that BFP on Monday.x For now rest up and be kind to yourself x


Hi Lozza97. Was thinking of you as you tested this morning. I do hope all went well. Diane


Thanks for all your kind words. Unfortunately I tested negative so this cycle has failed😢Am so very sad but know we need to just get on with things, just finding it difficult to be positive right now xxxx


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