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Just looking for opinions really. I have noticed that success rates are quite low and whilst I understand age is a factor, should I worry much about success rates for clinics or just hope that I am one of the successful few and try not to focus on it. I don't generaly worry about stuff, but I don't want to be wasting money on something that might not work. Feeling a bit torn and apprehensive.

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  • Hi there, have you started ivf yet or just thinking about it? Ive just started taking my injections (we've done it via NHS) but I havent even bothered to worry about the success rates. At the end of the day whatever will be will be and i think its having the right balance in your mind set and not focus too much on what if it doesnt work....Becuase it could work! Im hopeful but not too hopeful. I know that it may not work but surely its worth a try if its something we want so much? In my mind ive compared it to buying a house... Its something really exciting but you cant get too excited about it until youve exchanged - with this im a little excited but not too much until i get a positive pg test and then i can be more excited... We know that it may not work but we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Even with natural ttc, thinking about it too much can make it not happen. So just have an open mind, be healthy but not strict and just go with it and have a little bit of hope. Good luck!

  • We are awaiting our initial appointment with the specialist. It's just that one of my friends said about one of her other friends checking out the stats of various clinics, but she sort of had the opportunity to move to an ideal location if she wants. I wasn't worried until then really. I will just chill and not worry. Everyone is different and every case is different. Thank you

  • Hi there, your feelings are completely normal. It's a lot to consider. I wouldn't look too much at your clinics success rates because everyone is so different and everyone's circumstances have so many variables. Having said that it's difficult not to look at the statistics because you wouldn't go into it if you didn't want to be in the percentage where treatment has been successful! It's so hard trying to keep everything balanced in your mind; being realistic and positive is the biggest challenge for me. I'm either one way or the other depending on how I'm feelin that day! But you have to be in it to win it and if it's important to you then I think you have to have faith in the consultants and nurses and go for it. You and your partner will know if it's right for you but use whatever help is out there to help get you both through it. Best of luck whatever you choose x x x

  • Thank you, appreciate the support xx

  • The thing is - the stats are always based on averages and that won't necessarily apply to an individual! Looking at the age success rates is probably more relevant and then consider if there are any other risk factors that might reduce your chances of success, you might find that the success rate is much smaller. It also depends if you have any chance at all of getting pregnant naturally (very unlikely for us so we had to go for IVF to have a chance). Might be worth looking at the difference between ICSI and IVF success rates at a particular clinic as well. For our clinic, the ICSI success rates were really good compared to regular IVF and since we're having ICSI that made the decision fairly straightforward.

    I don't think there is much point getting too caught up in the statistics though. Just make sure you have some idea. I remember the Doctor telling me that if you get to the END of the IVF process, you have a 35% chance that you will be pregnant, which from 0% is a big improvement.

  • I have gotten pregnant twice naturally and only one ended successfully, so I can do it. I am hoping we won't need ivf as I think we just need a helping hand, but probably won't find out until we speak to the doctor. Thank you for your reply.

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