Not feeling so positive

So had ec on Monday and with a low amh I was delighted at 6 eggs. Then the anxious wait for the call the next day and 4 fertilised. So again felt really positive. We were told to expect et for Saturday but got a call today to say come in on day 3. I wasn't prepared or ready for that so started to panic and cry uncontrollably. I was so set in my mind for Saturday, had acupuncture before and after all booked and meal out at night to celebrate where we had got too just the two of us and now am so confused. We had planned to write all our questions down on Friday night too so we were super organised as we have asked very little so far. I guess so many things I have read say day 5 transfer is better that was why I was so worried and saw this call as a worry. So driving to hospital this morning, tears streaming down my face we are scribbling away on a scrap piece of paper. The embryologist might as well have been speaking a foreign language and in the end they transferred two looked stronger than the other and the other two were no good for freezing. I am much less positive now than I was and I guess am looking for success stories with similar experiences. Just back from acupuncture and feeling a bit calmer and feel we are still in the game, nothing much has changed except now I know I have two of our embryos inside me so that reminds me to stay calm.bthe embryologist said success is still possible at day 3 and they just feel embryos are better in me than lab for two more days. Yikes two embryos increases chance of twins obviously which was not something I had prepared for. I am just so hoping this is a success as I don't know how so many of you go through all this again..I just feel so drained. I am going to pick myself up though as my wellbeing is more important now than ever and we are off out for tea tonight instead😀wishing all the fab ladies on here so much luck xxxxxx

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  • Hey Vic,

    I just wanted to wish you good luck with your 2WW. 2 embies on board that's great 😊

    I haven't yet been through ET but I was also told that they often transfer early as they feel the embryo is better in your womb than in a lab!

    Try to stay calm and think as positively as you can (easier said than done I know) I really hope you get your BFP xxx

  • Thanks Amanda..your positivity has really helped. I think I may write today off and hopefully yes tomorrow my positive focus returns..just all so unexpected today to go if et and two embryos..a lot to take in😀hope you are doing ok and thanks so much for message xxx

  • No problem 😊 hope you enjoy your meal tonight xxx

  • Ooh goodness, no wonder you were thrown! It's quite normal for the embryologist to err on the side of caution and transfer early when there are only a few embies so this doesn't say anything about the quality ... inside you is the best place for them :) I had a bfp with my two day 3 embies last time ... it didn't stick but it does show that they can get there and there are loads of success stories with d3's. After tonight, perhaps you could go though your questions again and send an email? I find that I have to get everything in writing as something about the stress of everything always makes me turn into dory from finding nemo! Good luck with your 2ww, keep taking care of yourself ;) x

  • Thank you so much Datak your message really helped. Guess I just panicked as not what I had prepared for. I also was under the impression..I don't know where from..that 5 days was better but hey we only needed one transferred and now we have two transferred so maybe that doubles our chances😉who knows. To be honest after looking at our scrappy wee list of questions my fab husband calmly managed to ask them all and you know what anything else that comes up I will probably ask on here as this has been so helpful. Thanks so much for taking time to respond and wishing you all the best too 🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi just wanted to say try and stay positive. Easier said than done I know but we only got 2 eggs and only one made it passed day 2. We were told there was a really low chance of the one surviving as it was behind where it should be but it had survived to day 5 so they wanted to try it. I'm almost 15 weeks now and the baby is doing fine. Don't give up hope miracles really do happen xx

  • That's a wee fighter that so pleased for you😀thanks for your support I really appreciate it xxx

  • You CAN still do this, absolutely you can. They explained it to us that if we had a 3 day transfer it simply meant that my womb was the better environment for the embryo, better than a lab! I wouldn't have been too disappointed if we'd got that call today when I think of it like that. I'm just more grateful that it means I get a couple more days from being poked and prodded again lol. Good luck! 🍀 X

  • Awwww thanks tugs girl. Our lot have said very little to us I guess I just had in my head 5 days was better than 3 but they said the same to us today..better in my womb than lab so just have to hope that is true😀I feel like I have been prodded all week then these damn pessaries so taking it easy now and hoping my positivity returns tomorrow after minor setback that really was probably just me over reacting..thanks so much as all these messages really help. Hope you are feeling better xxxx

  • Yes and no; I feel I may be coming down with a cold now lol! Hey, don't beat yourself up over getting upset today, I'm sure that your hormones probably played a big part in that too! X

  • Best of luck to you xxx

  • Good luck lovely, tomorrow starts the positive thinking, hope you had a nice meal out X

  • And for you too xxx

  • Good luck to you Vic77. Hope you are feeling more positive today and the 2WW goes as quickly as possible! Best wishes.

  • How are you feeling this morning? xx

  • Not great in morning but didn't sleep at all well. Nothing a bit of lunch out with a good friend some laughter and now snuggles on sofa with my dog while my husband cooks a curry do feeling very grateful and loved now and like I acted like a hormonal twat😉u feeling any better? I hope so xx

  • Ah good old hubby 👍🏻 Glad you're feeling better xxx

  • You doing ok? Xxx

  • Getting there, although been to my sisters helping her choose a pram 🙈 off home to bed! Xxx

  • Oh hun that must have been so difficult, torture even.. huge hugs and sleep well tonight xx

  • Thanks Hun, you too xx

  • Hi vic77, you sound so similar to me! I was told et on Sat, but maybe Fri....and it ended up being Fri! It was because I went from 3 embies to 2 so they wouldn't risk leaving them longer. Somehow it hadn't registered they would be planning on putting both in as I am relatively young and assumed they wouldn't!!! But in their words 'it has taken a lot of drugs' to get me here and it ups my chance from 27% to after I picked my chin off the floor, we went for both! Just hope my body copes with twins if they stay and they don't have any health issues. It sure is huge rollercoaster of a journey isn't it?!! Good luck Vic 🍀🐣x

  • Yikes yes huge roller coaster and 2 embryos not at all what I imagined but hey like u if increases chances then I am all in and will cross whatever bridges needed as they come up😉when ur test day? Good luck xxx

  • They told me to test on mon 17th, but I counted and 14 days would only take me to sat 15th, so I will see how long I can hold on!! When is yours? x

  • Tuesday 18th..yikes😁😁😁😁😁😁xx

  • 🍀🐣🍀

  • Hi Vic I hope you're feeling much more positive now. It's so disappointing when things don't go the way you expect them to.

    Wishing you lots and lots of luck in your 2ww 🙏🏼 Here's hoping for a BFP 💙💗 x x x

  • Thanks so much mommabear.. feeling much better after my meltdown on thurs😆😆😆xxx

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