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Back to work tomorrow after having 3 weeks off. I just want to go into work excited knowing that I am 8 weeks pregnant but I have to wait until Thursday for another scan to find out if little one has grew and heart rate has increased. Doesnt help that I'm not liking my job right now and that people in work have been gossiping about me saying I'm "faking" being ill. Only my manager knows what's been happening but it's not nice having people bitch about me as I suffer with anxiety. But I have more important things to worry about. Really down at the moment and can't help getting upset even though there is a heartbeat there I don't know if it still will be come Thursday. Ive had alot more symptoms this week so hoping that's I good thing. So lost and confused on how I'm meant to be feeling and i just want to start buzzing that I'm pregnant πŸ˜” but come the end of the week the journey could be over.

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  • It sounds like you are in a horrible position at the moment, not being able to get excited and having crap to deal with at work. I'm so sorry you are feeling like this but try to think positive. The fact you have felt symptoms is a great sign and the stronger you can be the better. Please don't let the horrible people at work add to your stress, it's awful that there are people out there who deliberately make others uncomfortable but don't give them the satisfaction. Keep your head held high and just concentrate on you and your baby. Stress, anxiety and worry are all awful and I wish I could take some of it away for you. Please remember you are strong and supported. Sending you love and strength. Good luck tomorrow xx

  • Aw that's such a shame about your situation at work. You know the truth though so try not to let others get to you. People should mind their own business! You just hold your head high in the knowledge that you have precious cargo on board that they know nothing about. Remember you don't want your precious cargo to be affected by negative feelings & anxiety. I can imagine it must be hard but you've got this far so you have to try to look forward and be positive and tell yourself what will be will be 😚 Getting stressed & worrying about things is not going to help. I really hope your next scan gives you the peace of mind that you desperately need πŸ’œ. You gave me huge inspiration a number of weeks ago when you told me about your acupuncture treatments and the Zita West meditation and now my FET is this Tuesday. I really hope I'm lucky this time, I want nothing more than to get a BFP. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Sending you & your precious cargo a huge big hug 🌼x🌼x

  • Huni concentrate on your little being and leave others with their thoughts. You got to go with your priorities and your stress level needs to be lower on your priority bar, keep your heart and soul contented with your goals. Thinking of you xx

  • I know how 'we're supposed to feel' but deep down our emotions do just take over and there's very little we can do. Each time I go for an apt I tell myself to stay strong, focus and don't cry. Then they mention something like 'little heartbeat... you'll have your baby soon' etc. and I turn into a mushy emotional mess. I can't help it.

    Your work sound awful. Try to remember it's just a job and you have more important things to think about and look forward to with your life. I keep myself to myself largely at work and try to stay busy and with just the job which is easier said than done. Listen to noodles and the other replies- they are so right.Think about yourself first - and your little one. Keeping everything crossed for you and your little one on-board. Virtual hugs. xx

  • Thank you all for your support, really means a lot. Trying my best to stay calm xx

  • It's difficult isn't it to be bothered about work and others when infact, in the grand scheme of things, all you want to know about is your baby and I honestly and truly have everything crossed for you on Thursday.

    Because your emotions are high, it'll make you feel more sensitive to other stupid people and their comments.....try to ignore them, they are not worth it.

    Good luck for your next scan x

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