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Need some positivity! feeling so so low


Hi don't know why but feeling so low. There are days when I feel it'll work someday and days when I feel nothing gonna work. I've changed dr. And new dr already seems very arrogant. She always comers me with my past failures. However d reason I chose her was bcoz if her success rates. It's like if u r blind but independent but somebody telling u that there are still things that u can't do bcoz u r blind..

ladies here plz share some thoughts.

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I think we all have those days. You just have to live through them, and the next day you will feel more positive. It's rubbish this emotional rollercoaster. That's really awful that your doctor is so negative!! Have you tried councilling or just talking to your other half or close family/ friends? Hope tomorrow is better. Keep strong we all have our down days xx

tiger-cub in reply to Bec-A

Thx Bec for these beautiful words. Yes I do have my parents but my hubby is away. I have changed clinics and country . So it's quite a stressful journey as it is .

It took me a few years of coming to terms I wasnt going to concieve naturally, bite the bullet and speak to a clinic. I felt at the beginning it was like saying there is something wrong with me and it can a negative feel. However Ive come to the realisation that just because I need IVF doesnt make me a bad person. We are all different and thats what makes life so interesting. It would be very boring if we were all the same. Be good to yourself and pat yourself on the back for being the strong lady you are. And though you will have bad days, you will equally have very good days and the goal at the end is so soo worth it xxx Big hugs to you xxx

tiger-cub in reply to Beanme

Hey beani thx . I always try to move on. Sometimes it just gets so hard. That u just don't want to see anyone . Just b tucked away in ur bed. Exactly sometimes I also just bcum so negative that I literally go on thinking every thing negative in d world will happen to me.

Beanme in reply to tiger-cub

When Im feeling a bit low I take solice in the people around me, family, partner, friends etc. We are very lucky to have these people and they care about us just as we care about them. Most importantly it is important to care for ourselves, its totally ok to have an off day but if you find you are struggling its ok to talk with a counsellor too. They are always ready to listen and it can help. Wishing you all the best xxx

This all is a terrifying emotional rollercoaster and half of the time none of us knows if we're coming or going.. all I can say is that have a chat with your doctor and be honest, maybe she's just one of those very matter of fact let's pinpoint the problems so we can deal with them type of doc? Otherwise just point out that you need some gentler coaching. And get the counselling sessions and maybe some relaxation or reflexology sessions. And always remember that rubbish days will be followed by better ones, nothing lasts forever, pain and sorrow included xoxo

tiger-cub in reply to Nesfin

Hey nesfine . Thx so much . It's gurls like u all that I can speak my heart out when it bleeds. Honestly I can't think positive no more . How do u keep sane . I feel in second my brain over rides and goes negative. 😘

Lots of love to u gurl

Nesfin in reply to tiger-cub

We just have to get through even the darkest days and embrace it when it gets better. I don't know where I've gotten the strength to move on from the darkest places but somehow I always have.. sometimes without noticing it at first. You'll get better again, trust me xoxo

Hate the down days!!! And they r worse if u r feeling unsupported! Personally I wouldn't want to use a doctor who made me feel negative regardless of her success!! U need to know she's 100% committed to giving u 100% in this!

Would u feel rave enuf to tell her u need her to be more positive or could u consider changing doctors? X

tiger-cub in reply to 72cloud9

Yes dear 72 cloud . It seems I just want to run away from everything. Yes I think u r right I'm definitely gonna go for a second opinion. Oh my dr she's committed in forgetting everything. Whenever she feels d ship is in a difficult situation she's d first one to disembark my ship. It feels she's totally disinterested in my case. No I tried that but I don't think it helped . Rather I think it's back fired. So I'm gonna seek some more opinions. Thx for helping me sort out my mind. These days I feel I'm so impulsive. And can't think straight .

72cloud9 in reply to tiger-cub

I'm so sorry uv had to deal with someone like this! I'm glad u r going to seek other advice! Good luck xxx

Thanks gurl 72 cloud 9

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