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Where can I get progesterone suppositories for the next time I am pregnant. Please Help!

I spotted for 3 weeks before I miscarried, please message me directly where I can get these from  privately. Please help i don't want to miscarry again this may or may not help. But I want to try after speaking to my specialist who don't subscribe it here so want it privately.

rainbowbabyhopes.wordpress.com my story 

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Don't subscribe but it's a part of the process we follow.

I got mine on a private prescription as my clinic was abroad.... You could probably speak with your GP never known not to be prescribed these on any of my cycles

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They said they don't give these. There is a trial going with the NHS to see if it prevents spotting in early pregnant -progesterone . I was asked to take part but I miscarried . So I don't think they provide this until they get results back from their study 


Hmmmm either way am still very confused and yes it probably does cause spotting but it's what the baby needs as the body doesn't start producing it in our cases of IVF until around 12 weeks.....


Ok I see. I'm trying naturally so wanted something for the spotting next time if in case it happens again....


Oh that makes sense I thought it was IVF.  If naturally then your body shouldn't need it unless it is low, then they can top you up.  Not sure how the pesarie or supplements work with natural pregnancies.



I have a stack of them I got them online without a prescription but from abroad X 


Thank you for the reply. How can you trust it is the real thing?


The website was a pharmacy abroad and the product and packaging looks legit. I have tried them and had the same side affects from those prescribed so I am pretty confident they are ok.


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