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Where to but progesterone pessaries without prescription? HELP!

As the title say please if you know a trusted source please let me know may message me privately as I don't know if it is allowed to be mentioned in the thread. I was spotting from the start in my last miscarriage so this may help. There is a trial going on with the NHS if women with spotting are likely to save their pregnancies if given progesterone. I was eligible for this trial but decided not to take part.

As I had spotting I want to take these incase they may help. Please know they said they don't prescribe these yet as there is a trial at the moment from what I know. I am trying naturally so i want to buy these and have them ready for when I am trying next month.

Please help!

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Hi Orangepie,

I know someone who has been prescribed progesterone, and this is a natural pregnancy, but she did go back to her clinic that she had ivf treatment at and was given progesterone. Maybe she was just lucky!. she has been tested tho and her progesterone is low.

I am not sure if it is possible.. But could you not get a private prescription? have a private consultation and be prescribed that way..I don't know really just thinking.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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Hi Oragepie. Couldn't your GP help you out here?? Worth a try, if you haven't already approached him/her. Good luck! Diane


I guess I can give that a try but I probably know what they will say going on previous reactions..


Hi. It's worth a try. Diane


Hi Orangepie what about the consultant at the recurrent miscarriage clinic? Maybe worth a telephone call or writing a letter. If my pregnancy continues into next week then I'm being prescribed progesterone pessaries which I have to take twice a day until 12 weeks.


I asked them at the emergency gynecology unit , this is the reply I got back 'what's the point dear'. I don't why. So I am going to the GP if they prescribe I get enough and filling my draw with these for the next time I am pregnant.... I managed to get a bit of tissue from the pregnancy now that my period is here. I am hoping they can do genetics on this....


how are you getting on at the moment. Do you feel any different to the last two pregnancies? My GP is to call me on Monday with my TSH results.


I'm six weeks tomorrow, both miscarriages happened at 6+5 so I'm very anxious. Have an early scan on Tuesday. If scan shows everything is OK then I get progesterone pessaries. Not sure if I feel any different... Very tired, queasy when haven't eaten, mild cramps. X


Oh I hope you will pass this stage with flying colours. Let me know how it goes at the scan. Did you manage to get more thyroxine !


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