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Late ovulation / thin lining

Any advice for late ovulation, and thin lining please?

I had a D&C in 2012 after a missed miscarriage which I believe damaged my lining. No periods for7-8 months afterwards and then always very light. I recently started having heavier, clotty periods. Paid for some tests and been told it's adenomyosis and that my lining is still thin despite heavier bleeding.

I have been trying to conceive for the last 10 months. One chemical pregnancy. Had More tests done this week and found that I produce enough follicles but as at day 14 I had not ovulated, as thefollicles were very small. She said they looked like I was on day 7/8 not day 14.

I went back in day 22 and ultrasound confirmed I'd just ovulated. Day 21 progesterone was 30.1 which confirms ovulation too. But my lining is apparently way too thin. 7-8mm on day 14. 10mm on day 22.

She said I may need something like ivf.

not sure if that's correct? Xx

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Hi. You can take injections to boost womb lining. My was 9.9 on day 12, I carried hot water bottle everywhere to make follicles grow and ate loads of eggs. Sounds like ivf could be a answer to help you conceive xxc


Thank you for replying. What are the injections called please. So much I have to learn. Feel bit stupid not knowing much xx


Aww don't be silly, everyone know nothing ivf at some stage. I was using menopour injections on a fresh cycle of ivf. It was to make my follicles grow so they could collect eggs. This is how they can do ivf. At the moment I'm taking lubion injections because I've had a frozen fertilised egg put into so the injections are helping keep my womb lining thick xxxx

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Thanks so much Hun - wishing you lots of baby dust xx


Hi behappy1. Adenomyosis is a condition that should be treated by a specialist trained in treating this condition. I feel you need to be referred to such a person to receive correct treatment. Hope this can happen for you and you can soon be sorted so that you can have successful IVF. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane, im hoping to find someone privately as GP thinks I should just have a coil and isn't interested. Xx


Hi behappy1. Oh dear! With the correct treatment you could have a baby. As you will no doubt know, that with adenomyosis, your womb will have developed “layers” of womb and endometrium. These layers are not like piles of “bread and butter” but they appear more like someone has gone all around the inside of your womb and “pushed” the endometrium into the womb muscle – difficult to describe. This sometimes follows after childbirth, miscarriage or surgery on the womb – and we are not too sure why it does happen – bit like “why does endometrium decide to go walkabout”? However, the problem lies with implantation, as a developing embryo, often doesn’t find the correct “thickness” to implant.

There is a chance that you might get pregnant naturally, but it may/may not continue, as you have already found out. However, if you were to try treatment such as IVF, then you would most likely start by “down regulating” with a drug Buserelin. This in effect puts you into a temporary “menopause like” state, and “switches off” this extra growth and suppresses the oestrogen too – which feeds it. Your womb lining should then still be satisfactory after ovarian stimulation, for little embryo(s) to settle. Long term, relief would be obtained with the use of GnRH agonists to mimic menopause. Eventually, menopause would most likely give you the best relief, as your oestrogen would be diminished too. It sounds very “scary”, but I’m sure your consultant would want you to try IVF. However, he/she might want to perform a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray) prior to this, to see where best to put the embryo(s). Hope this helps a little and hasn't turned into too much of a lecture! God luck! Diane


Diane, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your coherent explanation- all I was told is that you need to get a coil fitted, that's it! I have been googling and reading about the temporary menopause medication GnHR. I suffer from sicca syndrome and have extremely dry membranes and so may not be able to tolerate temporary menopause in case it dries me up even more.

I did have a chemical pregnancy in February. I even had an implantation bleed and then a positive urine test but within a few days I bled, so it didn't implant. I am pretty certain the adenomysis is as a result of the DnC which I had in 2012.

I have contacted the ultrasound company I saw recently and they said the adenomyosis is scattered and diffuse. They said my uterus was very enlarged too, which explains the bloating I've had in the pelvic area since.

Based on your advice I've booked an appointment at a private fibroid & adenomyosis clinic in Birmingham to see what treatment they can offer. They said I need to have an MRI first. I'm very grateful to you for pointing me in the right direction, thank you xx


Hi behappy1. My pleasure! So pleased that you to see someone who is specialised in this area, which is what you need. I think I know where you are going, as I am from the Birmingham area. Good luck with is all, and obviously I do hope that they can come up with a satisfactory diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Thinking of you. Diane


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