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IVF Referral... Coventry Hospital


Me and my partner have been referred to Coventry Hospital for IVF/Icsi and having a year long of tests at Solihull Hospital.

Has anybody experienced IVF hospital and can give me an insight as to waiting times, what to expect.

We have already done all the tests.. Hormones, HSG, two sperm analysis tests, and a few weeks ago did our HIV and hep b c tests.

Thank you x

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Hiya, have they told you you are going straight to IVF? We are starting treatment for IUI at leicester royal in the new year xx


Yea we are having IVF/ICSI

My partner has a blockage in his vas deferens so both of his semen tests came back with 0 sperm.

His hormones suggest he is producing so a surgical retrieval is also needed...

How long was your wait from refferal till you had your cirat appointment x


Hi Me and my partner were referred to The coventry hospital crm last year to do our first icsi cycle and have no fault with them at all, we now have a healthy 6 month old and have started a fet cycle using our last embryo my transfer will be around november 11th xx

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Awww thats amazing to hear.. congratulations. I love success stories.

How long did it take for you to get your letter through from referral for the first appointment. Did you have to repeat any tests with them because weve done them all of them with solihull hospital xx

Thank you for replying


thank you

this time round I had to get a new referral from my gp and my appointment was made within a week the only tests they repeated was my swabs but thats it and had to resign forms as we doing FET. have u seen a consultant yet? x


No not yet..

We only got reffered last week but im not sure how long it will take to get a letter for first appointment.. how long did it take for you when you got refferred last year.



they dont have a waiting list as such I think my first appointment took a few weeks to come through , when i booked this time they said if i hadnt got a referral then i would of had to wait 4 weeks but we are self funding patients this time

If u had tests done at solihull then u mite not need them doing at coventry as surely they could just send the details over Xx


Yea hopefully.

I rang the hospital and they've received the refferal.

Just a waiting game of a letter now, glad I've got Xmas to keep me occupied x


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