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Need some advice please! 🤯


I have my pre-treatment scan and partners semen analysis and both our bloods for hiv, hep b&c for end of this month. We then have our next appointment with the clinic on the 6/12/18. I just wondered if any of you lovey ladies could tell me what pre- treatment scan is? (Inside or outside😂) and how long you all waited from this point to start the medication?

Baby dust to you all🧚‍👶🌈💝

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I think it’s internal to see how many folicis u have both sides

It’ll be an internal scan to have a look at your ovaries and uterus.

Is your appointment on the 6th December your consent appointment and when you get your treatment schedule? If so it’ll depend where you are in your cycle as to when you start medication. Probably a few weeks. Good luck with it all xx

sheri1991 in reply to Dunla

Yeah the 6th december is consent appoinment and where ya find out what the plan is im guessing.. and my af will be due at that time.. its just had not knowing whats happeneing and being in limbo.. xx

Dunla in reply to sheri1991

I know the waiting for treatment to get started is hard. Hopefully you’ll be getting started not long after the 6th xx


Hi Sheri. Usually an internal scan. Perhaps some form signing too Once all this is done, most ring in on the first day of your period, then your treatment cycle is worked out from there. You may need to go for training for your injections. Good luck! Diane

Yeah consent is for the 6th dec hopefully ill start my injections stright away depending on period if not will be beginning of january xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to sheri1991

Hi. Brilliant! Things will soon get under way. Diane

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