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Am i out this month? People`s opinion

Hi all.

I`m CD31 and as far as i could tell positive`s on OPK stick , Clearblue digital and Fertility monitor  on CD15,so that makes me 16dpo,  Clomid 150mg 5-9. Been testing from 10dpo various times of the day and BFN`s. I`ve had cramping on and off during the night and day , swollen tender breasts for 3days ,backache, nausea at night slightly different feeling from the usual AF symptoms. My period is quite irregular and Ovia said i should have started AF 2days ago but my shortest cycle has been 22days and the longest 58 over that last 12months. Should i just accept it`s not my month. I`m 45 , TTC 20mnths, 7cycle of Clomid

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Hi webchick. Goodness – your cycles are certainly all over the place! The only thing I would query is that usually Clomid is taken from Day 2 to Day 6 of your menstrual cycle not 5-9?? You are on a high dose of Clomid and you have been taking it for longer than the recommended time by the manufacturers, so perhaps it is time to rethink your treatment and have a chat with your consultant. Hope all is soon sorted for you. Diane


Hi, webchick! I'm sorry I haven't happened to read the post before. Probably by this time you've got the answer to what was going on with you. But I think I'd agree with Diane. The clomid dosage you're taking is pretty high. This might influence your overall condition as well, not suggested AF. This would be nice to hear the end of the story, I'm really interested in. Would have my fingers crossed for you if I knew earlier ( Take care, hun Xx


Hi Mel77.

Thank you for your reply. Sadly it was BFN once again which i suppose i sort of expected. I`didn`t ovulate last cycle as i only ever got flashing smileys and got AF on CD24. The next cycle will be my last (9th) on 150mg Clomid. I`m going back to see the consultant this month to see what other options are available , i`m afraid that an egg donor now is my only option which i have accepted but my other half has big reservations, partly due to our age and the cost financially. He has children by a previous relationship so he can never understand how i feel. How is your IVF journey, i hope all is going well. 


My dear girl webchick! I'm so so sorry you've got BFN again :( I cannot believe you've faced this eight times already. My brave girl, I'm so proud you keep on going!!

Well for us our first shot with DE was unsuccessful, unfortunately too. But frankly speaking my inner voice had told me about it before. Even though my luteal phase defect seems to be not such a big deal (Just need some progesterone added), my eggs (I'm 35 yo) are of a very poor quality. Our previous doc gave us only 8% of conceiving with them. So probably egg donation route was the one for us from the very beginning. We've come across the name of our clinic on forums while searching overseas places (With the main purpose to try to save our money). As I've told before I felt like one shot wouldn't be enough. The program of 2 shots was **** euro cheaper but in case selective reduction needed it's not included into the package price (this is another **** euro, you know). So we went on with option 3 - 5 att, selective reduction, meds included for 9900 euro. They guarantee - in case of 5 failures we'll have our money paid back. I guess this is a nice variant for couples with money issue like we are. Even with this first failure we're absolutely satisfied with the place we are in Ukraine. Hope for the next time is lucky for us. Looking forward for hearing from you Xx


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