CD 36. No AF. Negative preg Test.Could this be pcos or i do i have a chance. Anyone in same situation??

Hi everyone.

I have been on clomid since november i stopped it in feb i was 100mg. When i was on it and even after i stopped taling it i have had bang on time28day af. But this months no period no positive test. Im on cd 36. Ihave pcos. Is there any chance that i could be preg......but dont feel symptoms nothing at all....has anyone been in same situation and has been pregnant. Many thanks.

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  • Hey hunny i have been in the same situation last year where i missed a period and took several tests and they were negative. The doctor's wouldn't give a blood test as the home tests were showing negative. I then went to my clinic where i was being treated for IUI and they confirmed i wasn't pregnant. I was told sometimes medictaion can mess the system up. Are you with a clinic? Perhaps call them or speak to your doctor's. X

  • Thanks sweetheart for your reply. I dont take any meds now i stopped the xlomid in feb. It might be the clomid. Just not sure what my body is doing. Thanks for ur reply

  • Hey hun thanks for your reply.i just dont know what my body is doing. I ll phone the clinic n see what they say although i have a feeling its going to be a negative anyway. Thanks for replying honey.xxz

  • I would recommend test again in a few days-every month there is always a chance. The whole time your period isn't here you can have hope...

    Last month my period was a month late-i hadn't been trying. I'm not sure why i was on the pill for a month before and having lots of weird bleeding. I even put this question to my consultant and he took the details of the bleeding-not even he had the answers there and then. My periods are all over the place and I so get your frustration.

    I agree with NDE1987 I'd contact your clinic for further advice. Gynaes are much better to talk to about ladies problems than GP's they are more in the know 😊

    I will keep my fingers and everything crossed that yours is due to conceiving πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’«πŸ£πŸ’—πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ x

  • Hey jess thanks for replying honey. I just wish that at least out of everything else my af is on time. Just feel a bit lost. Ill phone my clinic and see what they say to be honest i dont want a blood test n my hospital is so far away and also i have already been off work sick. I do trust the home stick test and give them another go in few days but i have no symptoms at all. Thanks for taking the time to reply to

  • Remember if you are pregnant it is very early to get symptoms-most symptoms begin at 6 weeks. My sisters only symptom was a missed period and she felt the same.

    i know it's tough when our periods are all over the place. It's not playing fair is it? (If this is fair situation to be in πŸ™„) Mine are now less than 2 days. Mine haven't been the same since clomid...

    I hope the clinic can give you some reassurance and good advice.

    It's awful being in limbo. I hope you get your answers soon!

    Know where I am if you need a chat-I'm off this week as it's school holidays ( I work at 2 schools).

    Good luck.


  • Thanks honey bun yoir so sweet i always always feel so much happier and relaxed when i read ur replies ur very comfortaing..lots of love and

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