Bit of a rant sorry! We are having IUI treatment, been having daily bloods since last week, went in as normal this morning and only by asking what my levels were the day before did I find out I was due for a scan today, if I hadn't asked I'd have just walked away as usual and missed it. Then after having to wait another 3.5 hours for the scan am told afterwards that we will be having iui tomorrow. Great we thought! Then get a call this afternoon to say that by the looks of today's bloods we might have missed the timing after all. Same happened last month, am so disappointed. Feel like nothing is being recorded and followed up on unless we ask specially. My partner has a problem producing samples and we've been told now that because we might have missed the slot they will only go ahead if he can produce a sample in a set 30 minute time slot tomorrow but they're not willing to "waste" one of his frozen straws on this month! The pressure is getting to him enough as it is without this on top. Don't know how to broach things with the hospital for a better round next month as every time I'm there I see different people and nothing seems to be passed along and you always feel hurried out the door. Broke down crying in work when I got the call and feel like it's all just getting too much now! :'(

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  • Aw so sorry and your right it's not on. I would phone up and ask for a meeting with the senior nurse or person who runs things on a day to day basic and raise your concerns X 

  • Thank you, we've asked and they're booking us back in with consultant to discuss things.

  • Oh darling, I really felt for you reading your post. 

    It's a boring and probably useless suggestion but are you attending an assisted conception unit at an NHS hospital? If so, then there is probably an ACU manager - not medical post but they will at least listen to your story and hopefully make sure any future visit is less disorganised. Ask for a meeting with them and go prepared with a factual account of what's happened and ask them how they can assure that it's won't happen like this again. 

    Anyway, that's probably not useful reply for you at the mo.... What I really want to say is that you have every right to a good old cry as this whole fertility thing is a right pain! I just hope you and hubby can be there for each other tonight ready for whatever tomorrow brings. Take care of each other xx

  • Hi, thank you. It's definitely NOT useless advice! Will do that. Partner managed this morning so we are going to go ahead although they've said our 15% chance will be further decreased we're taking it as any chance is better than none! They're booking us a new appointment with the consultant to discuss what's happened so at least it seems they are listening. This is such a difficult journey, we don't have some of the pressures that ivf/icsi couples have at the moment so can't imagine how much bigger a roller coaster that must be emotionally!

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