Thyroid frustration!!!!

Feeling so frustrated!! After having a miscarriage post ICSI, I'm getting to the end of my second round and for egg collection Monday, which I have delt with much better than I thought. I have asked about my thyroid issues being on treatment in the past and had different opinions expressed. After a scan on Wednesday I asked again and was told to get a blood test. And great my levels are high and looks like I won't be able to have embryo transfer (if indeed we get them) and will have to freeze until thyroid levels under control! I just want to scream!! Has anyone else had any issues with thyroid?

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  • Hi amie1. You scream away, and don't hold back!. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened, but as you will know your thyroid gland produces a hormone, and it needs to be within normal limits so that the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus gland react properly with the fertility drugs prescribed. Your embies will be quite safe frozen until they can be transferred, once your thyroxin level is back within normal limits again. Hope this soon happens. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I'm just so frustrated as I didn't no about this the first cycle and would of been more conscious of my levels. And I just wanted to get on with things x

  • Hi amie1. Of course you did, but the problem has been discovered and will be fixed, so just try and hang on to that thought. Diane

  • Yes I am. I'm grateful at least I found out now x

  • I've batted with my thyroid 1st clinic I went to were great but that clinic shut . The 2nd clinic are a nightmare I've had under active thyroid since I was 18 controlled with thyroxine this clinic told me that there where no issues linked to under active thyroid and ivf failure and refused to test saying gp should control it and told me to get it tested before 2nd round which it was 1.7 so went ahead .

    That roundprovided a BFN now they've decided that they were intrested in thyroid and tested it and result was 11 which is way too high so had to go back to gp and get thyroxine upped I'm not starting my 3rd round till later in the year but it's soooo frustrating that no one will give you a straight answer not even gp's.

    Hope everything works out for you xx

  • Sorry to hear your second round was unsuccessful.

    Yes I agree so many different pieces of advice. I have been on thyroxine since I was 11 and have almost self managed it to be honest, my result from Wednesday was 6.1 which is high too and I did ask if it maybe due to the ivf treatment but they didn't seem to think so. I find it so frustrating asking the 'health professionals ' who should be reassuring us and no one seems to know. I suppose just have to continue to try and stay positive and hopefully what will be will be. Good luck for your next cycle xx

  • I know there has been lots of lady's with thyroid problems to get postive on here so there is hope 😊.

    At least it was found before they do transfer and once your levels are back hopefully you will get your BFP


  • Yes that's true. I hope so thank you xx

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