Why can't drs see how frustrating and painstakingly slow this process is!! JUST PULL YOUR FINGER OUT!!! All I want is to change clinics and I have been called back to the drs for a second time just to send off. Referal! He now wants to wait till I get my notes in July & have me back for a third appointment!! We could be so much further on!! Iv explained iv had my tubes removed, everything else is 100% working we just want to change clinics!! 4years to just get to this stage! Feel like having a full melt down and it's not even properly started!!!!!

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  • Hi hannahm.ive been in the same situation as u.i had 1 ovary and tube removed in 2010 and got told i wod neva get pregers naturaly.i got referd straight away to have ivf bt they messed up so many times with lack of communication that we only had our first cycle january 2014.keep on to ur docs about it because they do mess up on times and it does feel like they've forgotten about u on times.when u reach the stage of going to your clinic it all happens very will get there.

  • I was to the point of starting my first cycle with Leeds when I decided to change, my mistake for going along with things in Leeds but I just feel like it's never going to start and each time it gets put back a couple months the months are adding up to years now and feel like tonight iv had enough!! 3 drs appointments just to send one referal? It's a joke!

  • I knw exactly how you feel.they dnt seem to understand that its our lives that are being put on should be as simple as just transfering your notes etc to your new will get there and neva give up.i nearly have a few times but im so glad that i didnt now that im here.i even come close to phoning my clinic and canceling the whole thing.hang in there chick it wont be long.

  • Completely agree with u ladies to the drs ur just another number on their long list,you're not a human with feelings :( considering the sensitivity of this awful situation could definitely be handled a lot better than it does get handled :( I feel so sorry for you honey that's dreadful how u have been treated,I hope ur referral gets sent off next month :) the waiting around is the worst part of this vile situation that is infertility :( and when drs mess things up and cause you u more delay that's not on. If u wanna chat can always private message me if like. Otherwise good luck sweet I hope it all goes well X x x

  • Know how you feel Hun. I wish I hadn't been so naive at the start. Me & my hubby have been ttc for 2.5 years so went to the Drs & had all the tests which took over a year! The diagnosis "unexplained fertility". What they failed to tell us from the start is that we wouldn't get funded for IVF as my hubby has a son from a previous relationship. NO ONE told us this amongst other things along the way. Doctors, clinics, consultants do they not communicate with each other? We feel cheated out of a year of our lives. We are now private! Why do things take so long, why does there seem to be a lack of communication & education in this field! Rant over lol. :-)

  • Mooster I totally agree u. I have a child from a previous relationship hubby dose not any children. The whole time we were having investigations and referral being sent off by our gp with the diagnosis of unexplained infertility they told us we would get ivf. Which we couldn't course I have a child. I felt totally miss informed :( the only good thing I gained out of our brief encounter at an nhs fertility clinic was finding out about egg sharing.I've now registered to a private clinic and am now awaiting several blood tests and a scan to see if I'm eligible. I can't see why I wouldn't be if all my other tests were normal. I can't wait :) good luck

    Mooster I hope it all goes well :) x x x

  • Thank you ladies!! There is a total lack of communication and I feel that a lot of professionals we have seen presume we know some information when we really we don't have a clue! Fed up & frustrated with it all. X

  • You have my sympathy-and empathy. We're in a very similar situation, although not medically, we are in terms of unbelievably frustrating clinic. It took us 6 mths just to get a laparoscopy done and we're now fighting to see a consultant to discuss things properly as they are trying to pass it off to the Nurse to make decisions, which is not helpful for me with 2 other medical conditions. We have had to badger and badger them. You could try contacting your local PALS office, or Healthwatch for advice (google them for addresses), the CQC or your CCG to get them to speed up. I know it's not ideal, but sometimes you just have to get an outside party involved to give them a nudge. You can also try the citizens advice bureau website-some good advice on there. All the best!

  • Thank you justygetwoofus! I will have a google tonight and see what advice and things there is! Xx

  • Hi my other bad experience is long waiting too .. When u think u finally there they tell u there's more wait.. Also was quite disappointed when I went for my first conzultation with doctor after my partner had Pesa in same clinic like month before .. And my doctor asked how long were we trying and if my partner had his semen analysis done and he had all paper work and computer on and we had to tell him we have sperm frozen waiting he had no idea .. That quite shock me and hope that was last wee mistake from their side .. U HV to trust them 100 percent .. And waiting yes they should tell u to expect about a year of sleepless nights and much hated waiting Xx good luck girls we can do it Xx

  • It's hard to trust and put faith in professionals at times! Again I was told to start noristerine at hull unit so I have been and collected my prescription on day 12 so not long to go until...... The ivf unit called to say don't take it!! Your egg collection falls on Boxing Day so we are postponing the cycle for another month!!!!

  • It might go faster as we will be busy with Christmas and you forget a bit when there's something to do .. I am waiting till January too for same reasons and wasn't happy but slowly getting there .. Wish it would hurry up tho Xx

  • Yes I'm trying to distract my self with Christmas and a house move! It will be here soon and Xmas is only 6 weeks away. I wish you lots of luck in January and keep us updated on your progress. X

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