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Hi everyone, 

Haven't posted for a while now because I've been trying to get myself in a better place which thankfully I am. Taking some time out from IVF and waiting for an NHS cycle in about 8-10months as I went private before. 

After my last review after my 3rd failed FET my Dr said that transmyometrial transfers are not ideal and prob why it's not working for me but the problem is they can't get through my cervix. My womb is tipped forward and probably the cause of my tight and funny shaped cervix. Does anyone else have a tilted womb? And has anyone ever been told that this can cause implantation problems? Mine is acutely antiverted and I wonder is this why I haven't been able to get pregnant naturally and why the IVF hasn't worked to date.

On a positive note I've started yoga, swimming, Accupuncture again and Maya massage to help balance my body and possibly change the position of my difficult cervix. Any thoughts would be appreciated or if anyone else has been told they have a tilted womb I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks X 

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  • I've got a tilted womb and no one has said this to me, interesting, I will ask at my appointment on the 19th, never thought about it actually. My mum and my sister have it and they both had three healthy natural pregnancies. Not sure if it affects us IVF ladies though. I hope not. I will enquire though. I know for sure they never had a problem getting through my cervix though because I've had all sorts of procedures and tests n my ovaries and I know they got up there.

  • I rang and asked (impatient) and they said it shouldn't effect your chances however it may make this process a bit more painful and they really recommend the scratch. They also said when you get to transfer to make sure your bladder is VERY full to get you in the right place and to remind the person doing the embryo transfer for you so they are definitely aware. Hope that helps. Good luck my dear!

  • Hi, I also have a slightly tilted womb an I have got pregnant once before which was a healthy pregnancy. However I've not concieved after that but the dr said this shouldn't effect you getting pregnant.  

  • Hi I have had a failed fresh and a chemical pregnancy on my frozen. I have a tilted but wasn't told would affect anything however both my transfers were very difficult xx

  • Yeah, I've never been told by a Doctor that having a tilted womb would be a cause for IVF not working but I just made me think. I'm trying Maya massage to correct the position of my womb and hopefully that will help change the position of my cervix and perhaps they will be able to get through it in the future. Good luck for the future and I hope if you try again that your transfers are easier. xx

  • Thanks Hun I have just seen a private specialist as was getting frustrated with my nhs provider I'm asking gp to transfer me over as an nhs patient so very hopeful!! Wishing you all the best too do you have frozen embryos? Xx

  • I've used all my frozen embryos, had 1 fresh cycle using 1 which was a very difficult transfer and 2 frozen cycles with 2 put back with each go. When I do my NHS cycle it'll be a fresh one again. I'm hoping and trying everything possible to try and help my next transfer be easier. It's frustrating when you get to the stage of transfer and everything has gone well and then your hurdle is the actual transfer itself and in my case I've been told that they think that's the reason none of my cycles have worked. 

    I hope you find things better with the private specialist, Good luck with everything xx 

  • Hi Isa84. I used to get my ladies to do the following exercise, which sometimes helped the womb to shift back into a more upright position. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise one knee up to the chest and hold it with both hands. Maintain this position for 15 to 20 seconds and then release. Repeat the process with the other leg. Alternate between the left and right leg two to four times each. Try it for a couple of times a day – might be worth it! You might also ask you next consultant whether trying a "dummy" run before embryo transfer, to ensure it goes OK could be an option.  Good luck too with all the other options you are trying.  With all that on board, surely something should work in your favour!  Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I will certainly try that exercise. 


  • I also have a tilted uterus and appear to have cervical stenosis. No-one has ever said that my retroverted uterus is the cause of my tight cervix but they have said it makes it harder to get to my cervix (e.g. when having smears).

    Back in October, HSG failed and I went on NHS waiting list for laparoscopy but am impatient (I'm 38 in July and feel like the clock is ticking) and so also decided to go for self-funded IVF in the meantime, as I knew the waiting list for laparoscopy was really long at my local hospital (they expected to be able to offer me the op in August).

    Fertility clinic consultant was aware that HSG failed, and was such a negative, painful experience that I am now really scared of speculums (oh dear). However, she seemed confident that if I was sedated then they'd be able to get a catheter through my cervix for ET. I was doubtful but hey, you trust the medics don't you? However, after two weeks on Buserelin, I had a down-reg scan and a trial ET with gas and air today, and nurse was not able to get the catheter through. She said she thinks I may need to have my cervix dilated. However, at least on the gas and air, the procedure was not particularly painful and certainly not traumatic like the failed HSG! They have a clinic planning meeting tomorrow so I have to wait for a call tomorrow afternoon to see whether I should still take the next set of drugs and go for egg collection and freezing, or whether to stop now and wait for a dilation procedure.

    To kind of top it all off, the waiting list for laparoscopy rang yesterday and offered me a short-notice appointment for 10 days time, and I turned it down due to having started the Buserelin as I thought we were all systems go with the IVF.

    I feel like we may have wasted a lot of money by going for the IVF at this point. Husband is very cross that the NHS did not offer to refer me for dilation after the failed HSG. I'm cross that I didn't ask for it. So am posting really in the hope that if anyone else out there is searching for help after a failed HSG, they will know to ask about dilation. Isa84, have they offered this to you at all?

  • Hi Lizzie,

    I'm so sorry I completely missed this message and am only seeing it now. I just wanted to say I know exactly what you're going through with your cervix problems. I had a HSG but it was very difficult and a traumatising experience for me. I then had an IVF mock ET in which they couldn't get a catheter through even under sedation. So the DR at the clinic where I pay privately got me an NHS app within a month to have a hysteroscopy with the aim of dilating my cervix (which went fine) but when I went for my actual ET my cervix had closed over again and the transfer was very difficult and didn't end in a pregnancy. My 2 subsequent ET'S had to be done transmyometrially (injected through my womb lining bypassing the cervix) which procedurally went well but I never got my BPF. All other aspects of my IVF experience went really well but I think the transfers had a big impact on my result. After consulting with another Dr at the clinic he says transmyometrial transfers (although work for some people) are very rare and not ideal and he wanted to try again through my cervix.

    He wants to have a go and see if he can do an ET through my cervix on a very full bladder as he thinks this would make all the difference. I'm doubtful as 4 Consultants before him didn't succeed. I was planning another treatment in about 6months or so but I then got pregnant naturally a couple of months ago but unfortunately miscarried. I'm hoping that i'll get pregnant again naturally and I won't have to go through any more hellish cervical procedures.

    But in answer to your question, yes the next stage after an unsuccessful mock ET was dilation. I think I was just very lucky that the Dr at the clinic also worked in an NHS hospital and got me a slot. However I was paying privately at the clinic and this is prob why he fitted me in at the hospital. Although the dilation in the end didn't end up working for me, i'm sure it does for some people. I'm not sure what stage you are at now but I hope you've got sorted.

    All the best and sorry again for the late reply.

  • Hi sorry for late reply .. what did u think of maya massage ? I have tilted cervix and thinking of going x

  • Hi, I think it's fantastic. I go to a really brilliant maya massage therapist and she has really helped me. I do the massage for 10mins a day myself and I don't know whether it has a direct connection with the massage but I did get pregnant 2 months after starting it. Unfortunately I miscarried but I definitely think it has changed something and helped. I'm slowing getting back to the massage daily after my miscarriage but definitely worth a try. I think holistic therapies can be really beneficial and very relaxing which is always good when TTC. xx

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