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tilted uterus condition

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Considering surrogacy now. Just got the news that I have a tilted uterus condition. Though I'm fertile, I can't seem to bear the child. Instead of crying, I think it's better to just start looking at the other options. So, I ask all of you to please suggest some good clinics for surrogacy. Many have already recommended me to visit Ukraine. Has anyone had any experience there? If so, mind sharing, please?

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Hi Helenstrokes. Forgive me for asking, but have you tried IVF? Diane

Tilted uterus shouldn’t stop you carrying a baby, apparently 20% of us have that- i am someone who has a retroverted uterus and no one has ever suggested this will stop me carrying a child. My friend with the same condition has two children and gave birth normally.

You may find that embryo transfer is difficult if you have ivf but if they do a trial embryo transfer before the real thing, they will soon discover if it is a problem.

I have a tilted uterus and nothing has been said to me about not being able to carry fullterm.

When i have scans etc they just postition me so my backside is slightly raised.

I had ivf recently ET was slightly more difficult but, he/shes in there safely and am now pregnant.

I to have a titled uterus and was told that’s not the cause of my infertility, I fact plenty of women conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancy’s. Hope you get some more answers and clarification.

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My uterus tilts after ovulation. I've also never been told this might be a problem. Don't give up just yet x

I have a tilted womb plus unexplained infertility. I have a 2 year old and a, 10weeks pregnant, both IVF. My mum also had a tilted womb and had 5 natural pregnancies. I would seek further advice. Good luck x

After my lap, I was told I had an extremely anteverted uterus. I asked the doctor and he said it's fine, loads of women have tilted uterus's. He explained it as been the same as right and left handed and said it should make no difference overall. May have some impact on embryo transfer for IVF.

Good luck x

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