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hi there i dont know if im posting in right group im new here and looking for a wee bit of advice im 28 single mum from glasgow i really want to give my daughter a sibling i dont think i will fit criteria for ivf on nhs as i have a 7 year old and also single i have read a few things about egg donating or egg sharing and if pivate will cover cost of treatment or sometimes some of it for donating your eggs and stuff i dont know alot about it but as well as give my daughter a sibling i would love to help someone else beable to carry a child

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  • I know you get reduced rates for egg sharing and it's such a lovely selfless thing to do X

  • Hey hun

    I have just gone through Ivf as an egg sharer. The recipient pays for the treatment and I had to pay Β£500 pound for screening tests. You will have to have a decent Amh level which gives them an indication of your ovarian reserve,so they know you'll respond to the meds. I'm now pregnant with identical twins and my recipient is pregnant also. It does feel amazing to make someone else's dream come true aswel as your own x

  • hiya aww thats lovely news :) hope alls well for both of yous, do you have to go to docs to get you Amh levels checked, i dont even know were to start, i would love to help someone beable to have a family of their own im blessed to have my daughter took me 3 year to concieve her but would really love to give her a brother or sister xx

  • The clinic did my Amh test it cost Β£80 . Make an appointment and have a chat with them they will go through everything with you x

  • I'm in Glasgow what do I look up to find one in Glasgow thanks for your info really helpful xxx

  • Let me know how you're getting on x

  • I just phoned them I've to stop smoking for 3 month and need save over 2500 they sending me some info out and I've to have a read and phone up when Ive got the money xxx

  • Hi Barbara, what about eggs sharing at overseas clinics? It would probably be cheaper. You can check out overseas clinics on eggdonationfriends.Β  Good luck with your journey xx

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