Worried about the egg retrieval

Hi, im new here and its nice to know that im not alone as I dont know anyone thats been through or going through this - All Of My friends have babies now And my SIL and my cousin are about to give birth in the next couple of months....Anyways im trying to stay positive and not stress... Im due to start my injections next week (i cant believe how quick this process has been!) 

The main thing im scared about is the egg retrieval! Ive never had an operation so never been put out or sedated... What is best?? What do people generally go for?? Im worried about being put out but not coming round again and then im worried that if i go for sedation then I will feel alot of pain... Any help and advice would be much appreciated! 

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  • I had general anaesthetic for bith EC and came round really quickly. I was worried as I'd only had 1 op before and felt really sick after that anaesthetic. I asked for magic cream (local anaesthetic) on my hand as I hate the needle going in. The staff were lovely and when the consultant asked why I was crying I said I didn't like needles he said he didn't either!

    Good luck!

  • You literally are under for about 20mins (I had never been put under until my first retrieval either) but you lay back on the the bed and the woman literally lifted my hand and I guess she must have put the medication in to make me sleep because next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. I didn't even feel itm it's almost like nodding off on the train and waking up but in a different room. I was scared too but literally that was the easiest bit of the whole process. I was a bit sore when I woke up because I had so many eggs (I egg shared) so I needed to have codeine it was like a very intense period pain after but honestly most women don't get it that bad with a normal egg retrieval so I'm told XXX

    Good luck! X

  • I was sedated and it was so quick I didn't feel a thing. Went to sleep and woke up in recovery all done an hour later was on my way home X 

  • Hi hun i was also worried about my egg collection as i wasnt offered beein put 2 sleep..but wish id been offered it.as the pain i went through was unreal..each person is different and they did say my amount of pain was it was due to the amount of eggs i had to have collect which they collected 24 but could have had more as they said they only did half of my follicles but the pain just got 2 much to bear plus i started bleedin alot..so we stopped.but ive spoke 2 other ladies who said there pain was only mild to as i said we each different..but i would recomment beein put 2 sleep after my experiance xx

  • Hi!Please don't worry about egg retrieval. If there is a notable difference between sedation and general anaesthetic then I don't know what it is. I was sedated but felt like a general. I was out cold and don't remember a thing. It was like falling asleep as previous comment. Woke up in recovery and all done! I too was scared but honestly was not aware and didn't feel a thing. Once pain killers wore off (hours later) had period type pain but just took paracetamol. I promise it is fine. Nothing about the physical side of ivf was half as bad as I expected it to be. Loads of love and luck xxx

  • I didn't feel a thing. The worst part was the needle in the hand, but the next thing I remember was waking up in recovery feeling absolutely fine as if I had just woken up from a nap. I expected to feel sore after,  but to my surprise I didn't although I had 16 eggs collected. And they even served me toast and tea after.

  • I was sedated. It was brilliant, one minute I was there next I was gone. Don't remember a thing. Just remember waking up when it was all over. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. 

  • Thankyou for sharing your stories ladies, it makes me feel alot better to know that Im not the only that feels/felt scared before this procedure and ive decided that I will have a GA... The least pain to be felt the better!

     Good luck to you all for the rest of your journeys through this 🍀 Xxx

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