Progesterone injs v pessaries

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the progesterone injs are better than the pessaries? Im embarking on my fet soon and just wondered as have used both previously but wont have anyone to give my inj this time so going to need the pessaries. Just want to make sure its not going to be a mistake me having them. Thank you xx

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  • Hi Sam101, it would all depend on how your body absorbs the progesterone. My last FET and my current one I was on both pessaries and lentogest progesterone in oil injections as well as utrogestan tablets. I had only been on pessaries before and bleed before OTD.

    Were you only given an option to take either injection or pressary. I use to do my injections myself, using a mirror and injecting in the muscle mass just above my buttock cheek. found it easy so will be doing it again in a few weeks.

    Make sure your clinic take a blood test before transfer to check your progesterone levels and they can up your pessaries if needed which most probably won't be the case as most people do fine on the pessaries alone.

    Good luck

  • Thank you missmmc. I am having it through the nhs so i dont think bith would be an option so you either have pessaries, or injs. Im not sure i can do my own injs though. You are braver than me. I saw online yest that there is an inj that can be given sub cut so im going to ask about this at my appt weds. Im trying everything to make sure our next fe wants to stay and get comfy in my uterus. Had a scratch last week. Dont know what else to do to increase my chances. Good luck with yours xx

  • Sam101 sorry to hijack the post, did the scratch hurt? I am hoping to have this next time x

  • Hi button I've had the scratch it feels like a bad period cramp while they are doing it. As soon as the catheter enters the uterus the cramps start. But the actual procedure is quick and a bit of mild cramps after but back to normal quickly.

    Well worth having so good luck on you next cycle x

  • Thanks. I am hoping to have it next cycle X

  • Hi Sam I'm with a private clinic so have to pay for everything so they are more than happy to give you loads of progesterone in every form known to man! I was NHS before and cyclogest was all that you got. I was also told by my NHS clinic to take my cyclogest as a suppository and I think my body didn't absorb it that well, while my current private clinic want you to take vaginally and I think that was definitely better as better absorbed.

    As for self injections, I'd be more terrified at the idea of my partner coming anywhere near me with a needle, bless him LOL, good luck fingers crossed its better news for us both x

  • Thanks. I will speak to them weds and see what they say. I wouldn't mind doing everything but obviously they are on a budget. These last 3 are our last hopes of getting pregnant and if it doesnt work i dont know how i will cope. Just found out my sister in law is pregnant to which has not helped me one bit as if i dont get my bfp then im not going to be able to be around her for a while. We cant afford to pay privately so have no other options. My husbsnd has been fab doing my injs i cant fault him. Only prob is he isnt her until late with work and dome nights is away so thats why im thinking perhaps pessaries but really unsure. On the night of the implantation i will need to use it like a suppository after that it can be done vaginally,but i think because they are so messy i wonder if they actually absorb properly. Fingers crossed we will both be lucky. When do you have your implantation? X

  • I was worried about them leaking so not getting absorbed but if you put them high enough (easier said then done) and are able to just sit down 10 mins after then they absorb just fine, I found much better then back door.

    I've just started my FET so on norethiserone till Saturday then wait for AF then start prognova and utrogestan while using nasal spray so think transfer will be early April. My last one was before xmas got a BFP but misccarried at 7 weeks no heartbeat at scan. It is pants when other people announce Pregnancies and some how it puts on more pressure. I really hope this is your time and there's no reason it won't be and having Frosties is always a good sign as it mean you embryos were good enough to freeze x

  • Im hopefully going to start my tablets this wkend when af shows and then i will find out weds when they plan to do the implantation. I really hope it is our time like you wouldnt believe. Sorry to hear about your loss. This time you will be lucky i can feel it. Do you have many fe's? We have 3 so hopefully they thaw ok so we can use all of them if necessary x

  • I've got 4 in the deep freeze which for me is amazing I've only had 3 day embryo transfers before so getting to blast and having some to freeze was a complete but happy shock.

    Roll on 2WW x

  • Hi button123. The scratch was ok but as missmmc said when the catheter goes in and the cramping starts thats pretty much all you can feel. I didnt feel any scratching going just the cramping. Had the cramping thurs to but then stopped. I have had some spotting afterwards which is normal to. Its nothing to be worried about. If you can go through your egg collection you will gly through this. It doesnt take long either so dont worry xx

  • I took the pessaries - one in morning and one in evening and they worked fine. You just have to take them 30 minutes before getting up in the morning and then again as you go bed to allow them to absorb and not be so messy. They take about 20 minutes to get absorbed properly. I took them vaginally, its not supposed to matter which way you take them as they get absorbed in the mucous membrane either way. I was just more comfortable doing it that way. I think by taking one in morning and one in evening it helps reduce the side effects of the progesterone, maybe ask your clinic about this.

  • I did that last time i used them it was just messy after you had a wee when you wiped i found. Even if i lay there for over 30 mins after. Thats my concern. Thank you x

  • I think what remains after the 30 mins is just wax. The progesterone itself should be absorbed. At least, this is what they told me at the clinic.

  • Ok great thanks. I will ask weds x

  • Well good news ladies.  I have sub cut progesterone injs this time so need to worry about im injs. Thank goodness xx

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