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I'm so annoyed!!


We had a failed FET found out on Monday and was told an admin team member would call me back that day to organise a follow up appointment ASAP so we could talk through what happened last time and what to do to increase chances next time. We have 2 in the freezer so we are keen to get going again ASAP. Anyway, still didn't have a call so I called them and they said oh yes you do have an appointment here- it's the 18th April! Firstly- why didn't anyone call and tell me, secondly- he 18th April!!! That's ages away and that's not even starting the whole procedure again that's just talking about why it didn't work. So worried as time is slipping away, I'm now 34 and been ttc for over 5 years. Ive got blocked tubes, endo, Adenomyosis, fibroids and can't even have sex anymore cause it's so painful. My husband is getting so down about it and I feel it's all on me. Sorry for the rant but I've had a gut full today aaahhhh!!! And breath!!! Lol! X

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Hi Yllek, sorry your last try didn't work and I totally understand the frustration at having to wait. I feel like its always waiting for something its so annoying, meanwhile we are all getting older.

I'm quite looking forward to a little break to get out of the IVF bubble but I'd feel the same if I had frozen embryos ready to go. I also always have to chase my clinic its so annoying. Hope you can get an earlier appointment, good luck xx

yllek1982 in reply to JoJo_1984

Thanks so much! I am going to keep calling each week in the hope that I get a cancellation appointment. Sorry that your having to chase your clinic too- I just feel that we shouldn't be having to chase them as we've got more than enough to be worrying about without adding to it. My husband is wanting to change clinics but we have 2 in the freezer so I don't want to go just yet as they maybe the ones! It feels also as if our lives are constantly on hold which I am hating- soz that was another mini rant- I must still be full of hormones! Lol! X

JoJo_1984 in reply to yllek1982

I get what you mean about things being constantly on hold, its a horrible way to live. All we've got to hang onto is that one day all of this waiting, agony and frustration will be worth it when we have our babies xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to yllek1982

Hi yllek1982. Only just read your post as I was off last Friday. Obviously, I do hope you can get a cancellation for your review appointment soon. Your embryos you have got frozen are yours, so if you choose, they can be moved to another clinic should you so wish. If you haven't already got them, I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go back. Too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send them to you. Diane

Thanks so much I will definitely email you

your totally right- one day it will all be worth it xxx

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